Monday, August 27, 2012

Tiki Tribe Party Package (Partied on August 26th)

This Is The Tiki Tribe Party Package....
Tiki Tribe is a group of characters that teach children the best ways to act towards one another.
Tiki Tribe is a positive group of characters with lots of interactions and bright colors to keep children interested. This Package was great and the kids at the party were very excited to get the glasses, books and fun handouts that were provided. 

We raffled off the T-shirt to a lucky guest and they were thrilled. We read the Dog Rescue Tiki Tribe Book and the kids loved it. They were all tickled that they got to take a story home with them as well. Everyone had a great time and were very pleased with how the party had gone and left with smiles on their faces and can't wait to see, hear, and learn more about upcoming Tiki Tribe! The parents were happy to get the discounts for the online store as well and many were planning on using them as well so they were grateful for the savings. 

Thanks again for letting me host this party! I had a great time bring joy to so many parents and children!

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