Friday, December 30, 2011

Snacks & Movies Completely Free With Survey Cash! ($23 Value!)

Had an FPC for Popcorn & Paid $1 for Buncha Crunch W/ Survey Cash
Then..... I got 8 Movies for $22 at my Local Video Store!!!
The Reef $5
I Love You Phillip Morris $2
Prey $2
Savage County $2
Accused At 17 $2
Hobo With A Shotgun $5
Choose $2
Brother's Justice $2
All Free W/ Survey Cash!!!

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Tuesday's Mail!!!!

Tuesday I Got.....
4 FPC For 20 oz Cokes
4 FPC For Fancy Feast (Gave Away)
$23 In Checks (Look Above to post above to See what I bought!)
Premonition On Blu Ray Brand New!(Free W/ $6 Amazon GC)

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Love Horror Movies/ Free W/ Amazon GC'S

Got the following Blu Rays for free after using free Amazon GC
My Soul To Take Blu Ray ($7 Value)
Straw Dogs Blu Ray ($20 Value)
That's A $27 Value Completely Free!

Old Navy Freebies W/ Groupon Bonus

Got These 2 Shirts completely for free after
using my Groupon bonus.
Retail Value $30 Sale Price $10 After Bonus $0
Got The Descent On Blu Ray Completely Free
After Using Free Amazon GC ($7 Value!)

Went Krogering And Got Free Groceries!!!!

Got The following for Free while shopping at Kroger....
5 Oral-B Flossers ($10 Value)
2 Acai Berry Drinks ($6 Value)
1 Doughnut Holes ($1 Value)
1 PopSecret Popcorn ($3 Value)
1 Cheese Chunk ($3 Value)
$23 Value, Completely Free!
Got Fright Night On Blu Ray
Free W/ Amazon GC ($23 Value!)

Free With Survey Checks!

Got Resident Evil On Blu Ray Free With Survey Cash
$7.00 Value!

Free Drinks!!!

Using Coupons + Sales I got the Following For Free!
3 Sparkling Lemon 1-Liter Waters ($3 Value)
1 Diet Coke 20 oz ($1.50 Value)
3 2-Liter Diet Cokes ($4.50 Value)

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Free Christmas Presents!!!! (Courtesy Of Work!!!)

I Got The Following Christmas Present From Work.....
1 Bottle Of B&BW White Citrus ($10.50 Value)
$10 Famous Dave's Cards
$15 Gift Card To F.Y.E.
$35 Gift Card To Old Navy
$70 Value
With The Gift Cards I Got The Following.....
6 Old Navy Apparel Items
1 Hello Kitty Waterbottle
Edward Scissorhands Blu Ray
Final Destination Blu Ray

Which Retails at $139.24, but after Sales & Gift Cards.....
I paid just $6.05!!!!

November House Party Rewards

November House Party Rewards Were Awesome!!!
We Were Rewarded With......
Carnival Island ($30 Value)
Medieval Moves ($30 Value)
Move Demo Disk!!!!

Love Free/Cheap Hallmark Ornaments!

Got This Grinch Ornament for just $3.24 after Free Mailer GC
Then Paid with survey Check money so it was completely free!!!

Got Peeps???? Yes, I Do!!!!

Check out My Great Deal!!!!
I Got 8 Peeps Christmas Treats
Completely Free Using
Coupons & Sales!!!
$12 Value!

Friday, December 9, 2011

Tuesday UPS Order!!! $52 Value/ Free With Amazon GC~!

Got the following movies for free on Tuesday
After Using my Amazon GC!

I Got.....
Welcome Home Rosco Jenkins ($.99 Brand New, Black Friday Deal)
Doom ($.99 Brand New, Black Friday Deal)
Mimic Blu ray ($4.99, Black Friday Deal)
The Help Blu Ray Combo ($25.00 Value)
The Hangover Blu Ray Combo ($20.00 Value)

Beauty Buy Deals!!!! $16 Value, Just $3.98!

Got the following Beauty Items at a great price!!
Victoria's Secret Love Spell Lotion $2 (After $10 Discount)
2 Peppermint Baby Lips ($7 Value/$1.98 After Coupons)

Grocery Freebies!!! $43 Value!

I Got the following for free from Kroger
2-Pack Bounty ($5)
3 Oral-B Flossers ($6)
Schick Hydro Shaver ($7)
I also got....
A bottle Of Ice Mountain Sparkling Water $1 Value Free
Finally, I Got.....
Private Selection Pizza ($5)
Private Selection Lava Cakes ($6)
Private Selection Chicken Trumpets ($7)
3 Oral-B Flossers ($6)

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Recent Mail......

During this Past Week I Got....
FPC For Pepperridge Farms
$4 Rewards to Hallmark
$10 off Purchase Victoria's Secret
Miracle on 34th Street Blu Ray Free w/ GC $15.99
The Polar Express Blu Ray Free w/GC $12.99
A Christmas Story Blu Ray Free w/ GC $11.49

This Mail totals $60 In Freebies!!!

Tuesday UPS Order!!!

Tuesday I Got The Following In The Mail....
My Amazon Order $39.98 Value
Completely Free W/GC

30 Minutes or Less (Shot In Michigan!) $19.99
Our Idiot Brother $19.99

Got This Blu Ray For Free Using Survey Cash

Black Friday I Picked Up
The Dark Knight on Blu Ray
For $5, Free W/ Survey Cash
Retail Value $20!!!

Free Christmas Presents!!!!

Got 3 Love's Baby Soft Perfumes
Completely Free!!!! Using Coupons
$6 Value

$16 In Snacks For Just $2!

Recently, I Got $16 In Snacks For Just $2!
3 Bags Of Kettle Chips For Free/Normally $9
Huge Box Of Goldfish $2.00/Normally $7

$11 In Snacks For $1.20!

Recently, I Got Some Yummy Snacks For Almost 90% off
using coupons & Sales!!!

2 Goldfish $1.20/Normally$5.00
2 PopSecret Free!/ Normally $6.00

Yay Free Candy!!!!!!

While On A Lunch Break
I Swung By Walgreens and
got the following completely free
With Coupons & Overages!!!!!

6 Packs Of Orbit Gum Retails $9/Free!!!
Russell Stover Maple Cream Santa $.59/Free

Yay For Free Candy!!!!!

12/3/11 Mail

Saturday I Got.....
2 FPC For Azteca Tortillas & Shells

Free Hallmark Gremlin Keepsake $14 Value

After Rewards, Coupons & $3 In Survey Cash.....
I Got this awesome Hallmark Keepsake For Free!!!!
$14 Value