Friday, September 30, 2011

More In-Store Freebies $17.29 Value

Today I Got The Following Items
For Free W/ Coupons
1 John Frieda Hair Foam ($11.99 Value)
1 Travel Spray Carried Away B&BW ($5.30 Value)
$17.29 Value!

Went Krogering And Got Free Groceries!!!!

Got The Following Items
Completely Free W/ Coupons & Sales
2 Packages of Pilsbury Biscuits ($3 Value)
1 Healthy Balance Juice ($2 Value)
3 Cans Of Overstuffed Ravioli ($3 Value)
1 Package Of Turkey Franks ($3.25 Value)
2 Packages Of Skittles ($1.78 Value)
$13 In Freebies!!!!

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Grocery Freebies $32.50 Value

Got The Following For Free
After Coupons....
3 Chef Boyardees ($3 Value)
Sour Patch Watermelon ($2 Value)
2 John Freida Hair Colors ($24 Value)
3 Mars Milky Ways ($3 Value)
1 Twix ($0.50 Value)

$28 In Survey Checks Redeemed

With $28 In Survey Check Money I
Got The Following Completely Free!!!!
Bridesmaids Bluray ($12 After Savings/Free W/Check Cash)
Glee Season 2 Part 1 ($5.49 After Savings/Free After Check Cash)
Love Wedding Marriage Blu ray ($10.49 After Savings/Free After Check Cash)

Tuesday's Mail

Tuesday I Got....
Kalifornia Dvd ($4.75 Value/Free W/Amazon GC)
Raising Hope Dvd ($19.99 Value/Free W/ Amazon GC)
VeggieTales Dvd (Free From Veggietales Website)
4 KuruToga Pens ($28 Value)
$1 Survey Savvy Check
Bumper Sticker
1 FPC For Mars Candy

Monday, September 19, 2011

Monday's Mail

Today I Got....
Zantac Sample +Coupons
2 Cottonelle Holders
2 FPC Mars Candy
1 Free McCafe Smoothie Coupon
1 FPC Twix
1 FPC Oscar Meyer
Beethoven 2 ($5.49 Value, New, Free W/Amazon GC)

Saturday's Mail

Today I Got.....
FPC John Frieda Color
FPC Bag Of Sour Patch Kids

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Friday's Mail!

Friday I Got....
1 Free Coupon For John Frieda Precision Color Foam
(Up to $12.99 Value)

Went Krogering And Got Free Groceries!!!!

Thursday Evening I Went Krogering
And got the following groceries completely free!
6 Cans (1 Not Pictured) Chef Boyardee ($6)
3 Febreze Products ($6)
1 Sunny D ($2)
3 Large Bags Of Skittles ($6)
6 Small Bags Of Skittles (1 Not Pictured) ($3)

Chef Boyardee House Party Package

Thursday I Got my Chef Boyardee
House Party Package!!!
1 Chef Hat
1 Chef Bag
10 Memo Pads
6 Free Coupons
13 Save .50 (Double Here, Makes them free!)

Best Buy Freebies!

Tuesday I Went To Best Buy
and Got The following for free w/ Gift Cards
Beethoven (Dvd Brand New)
Glee Season 2 Volume 2 (Dvd Brand New)
$15.88 Value!!!

House Party Pack From Sony PS3

This Week I Got My August Party Pack From Sony PS3
& House Party....
It was PS3'S Ratchet & Clank ($19.99 Value!)

Saturday, September 10, 2011

In-Store Freebies

Today I Went To Bath & Body Works....
And Got The Following For Free.....
2 Charmed Life Small Lotions ($7 Value)
2 Halloween Pockekbacks ($3 Value)
1 Warm Harvest Apple Triple Thick Lotion ($12.50 Value)
$22.50 In Freebies!!!!

Saturday's Mail

Today I Got.....
$3 Check
Cosmopolitan Magazine
Harlequin Book Pack (For Being A Panel Member)
Film T-Shirt I Created For Free

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Grocery Freebies~$13.85 Value

Today I Got The Following For Free/Close To Free...
3 Packs Of Hot Dogs $5 Value/Free
1 Twix $0.79 Value/Free
1 Oikos Yogurt $1.09 Value/Free
2 CrunchMasters Crackers $7.58 Value/ Paid $0.60

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

More Tuesday's Mail

Tuesday I Also Got....
The Office Season Seven Dvd ($29.99 Value/Free W/Amazon GC)
Everything Must Go Blu ray ($21.99 Value/Free W/Amazon GC)

Kashi Party Package

Today I Got....
Kashi Party Package
69 Dark Chocolate Bars
2 Kashi Grocery Bags
1 Kashi Cereal Bar Box
1 Box Of Kashi Cereal

Tuesday's Mail

Tuesday I Got....
2 Shampoo Samples
2 Free Oscar Meyer Hot Dog Coupons
1 $25 Check

Grocery Freebies

Got The Following For Free W/ Coupons & Sales
1 Simply Lemonade $1 Value
1 Simply Orange $1 Value
1 Oikos Yogurt $1.09 Value

Free Pens!

Using Coupons, I Got 4 Packs Of Pens For Free
$3.89 Value

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Love, Love, Love Kroger! Doubles Coupons Up to $1 Here!

Went Krogering After School On Thursday Night....
And Got All Of These Items for Just .72!!!!
Care Bear Funshine Bear .50 (Won In Crane Game)
Bayer Baby Aspirin .22/$2.22
Gallon Of Sunny D Free/$4.22
2 Packets Of Old El Paso Seasoning Free/$1.72
3 Simply Orange Free/$4.77
3 Simply Lemonade Raspberry Free/$4.77
2 Bags Of Starburst Free/$4.00
2 Gillette Body Washes Free/$5.98
1 Old Spice Deodorant Free/$1.99
Over $30 In Freebies!!!!

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Wednesday's Mail

Wednesday I Got...
3 Suave Lotions, Dry Shampoo, Men's Body Wash Samples
4 FPC For Free 20 oz Cokes
1 FPC For Sunny D
Lots Of Suave Coupons
3 Bic Pens & Bic Coupons

Monday I Got....

Monday I Got....
Magazines (Seventeen, EW)
3 Free McDonald's Coupons
Macy's Thanksgiving Book ($8 Value/Free W/Amazon GC)
Sucker Punch Bluray ($13 Value/ Free W/ Amazon GC)