Tuesday, August 7, 2012

~Wow!~Thanks MommyParties & Faber-Castell! (Over $375 Worth Of Goodies!)

We hosted a Arts Party Courtesy of Mommy Parties & Faber-Castell!
We made the following with the kits that were provided and had tons of fun!
The Above picture shows our model, a Care Bear wearing some of our pink headbands!
More Headbands were made, and the fun continued....
These bands were made with the ribbon twirl technique so we could spice 
up the original plain bands. The Black & Orange was a favorite for Halloween!
We had so Much Fun making the headbands and displaying them on our model Care Bear...
Our last ones are some key showpieces with lots of adornments.
The company was more than generous when supply our party with lots of fun!
First on Friday we got Box #1--- Containing over $215 worth of supplies!!!
We got.....
1 Glitter Art Set
2 Headband Sets
2 Bracelet Sets
1 Pop-Up Book Set
Lots of Travel Bags complete with Stickers!
On Saturday-- We came home to another large box--Box #2!
Box 2- Contained our Party Favors for our guests to take home and complete at another time!
Box 2 Contained......
12 Color/Artivity Books
12 Feather Trinket Boxes
1 Pop Art Necklace Kit
This box has a value of Easily over $160!
We made some beautiful trinket boxes at the party, here are the final creations!
Before all the trinket boxes were gone we made one for ourselves.... here is our creation!
Here is our collection of finished headbands in one group before they were divided up!
While this was originally to be necklaces, we made a couple, than switched them to be magnets!
(we made: Hello Kitty, My Little Pony, Owls, Hearts, Watermelons, Pumpkins & More!)

We had a great time and again just wanted to thank MommyParties and Faber-Castell for the fantastic packages! We had a great time and were given some great memories and treasures to use in the years to come! I have nothing but great things to say about both of these companies and plan on recommending Faber-Castell to all of my friends in the upcoming holiday season. 

Please be sure to check out Faber-Castell at the following site;

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