Thursday, September 5, 2013

Got These Groceries Completely Free Thanks To Kroger's Free Download Friday! $5 Value!

Got These Groceries Completely Free Thanks To Kroger's Free Download Friday! $5 Value!
Gatorade Shake $3/Free W Coupon Added to card
Nos $1/Free W Coupon Added to card
A&W Ten $1/Free W Coupon Added to card 

More Recent Mail! $20+ Value!

Using Survey Cash, I got Pain and Gain on Blu Ray completely free!
I also got a $3 Survey Check and 
2 FPCs for Yoplait Yogurt!

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Using Amazon GCs, I got Scary Movie 5 & Arcade Completely Free!
$25 Value! 

Free After Free $10 RZ Cert & Survey Cash! ($15 Value)

I was emailed a "we miss you" $10 Reward Zone Certificate and Paired it with some Survey Cash 
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Won Free Tumbler

I won this free Infuser through Crowdtap ($5 Value!)

Lunchables Jr, Sampling Experience Provided by Crowdtap & Lunchables!

 The Party Pack & Instructions (1 Lunchable Jr. Pack Not Pictured...)
 What Ants On A Log, Lunchables Jr. Looks Like, Answer: YUMMY!
 Sometimes, we just have too much fun playing with our delicious food... Tic Tac Toe, Anyone?
And You Can't forget to make funny faces!

We had a great time being one of the first groups to try out Lunchables Jr. I really enjoyed many things about this product, but my favorites are the fact that none of the packs are really messy snacks, they are super portable, just throw one in your purse and you are good to go, and they are a conversation starter. Many people know about Lunchables from the fact that they are and have been a lunch staple for many years. Many people however, haven't heard of Lunchables Jr., and that's where I come in and the 999 others who got to try this product, we talk about it to family, friends, readers of our blog sites and such and then, by the power of WOM (word of mouth) marketing the news travels on and on. While not all of my readers may mention it to another, a few may, and the word travels just like that.

I wanted to say thanks again to Crowdtap and Lunchables for allowing my family and I the opportunity to try such a new product, we will definitely be buying more when it is available in our area.