Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Today I got.....

3.00 Survey Payment

1 Free Coupon for a bag of Stacy's Pita Chips (Value up to 3.99)

5 Free Coupons for Free 20 OZ Cokes from My Coke Rewards

Free Package of Chocolate Fudge Pop Tarts

Plus I redeemed some older coupons I had for some really good deals!!!!!

I got four bottles of LaVictoria Salsa for $2.00 using 2 high value product coupons (Normally it would have cost $16.00 for this much salsa)

Then Got 2 boxes of Beef Sticks (4 Per Box = 8 Sticks) for .69 a box

Then got 4 free 20 oz Diet Cokes for free with coupons.

OH I forgot my best deal of all!!!!! I got House Season 5 for 15.99 using competitors Pricing when it was 50.00 at our store!!!!! over 35.00 in savings there!

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Some Shopping.....

Went out shopping today.....

Hallmark- Total $0.83- Purchased: A Mini Teddy Bear....Coupon I used was save $5.00 off any purchase. The stuffed animal was originally $5.50, but I purchased him for just 0.50 plus the original sales tax on him.

Plus nabbed a $30.00 Candle at Kohl's for 3.87, smells yummy and it is in a pretty glass jar......

Also..... Got a Trivia game about the tv show The Office, for 3.99 and it is a very nice tin.

Plus, I found The Office clue at Jc Penny's and I have been looking for this for months!!!! Got it for $20.00, it was on sale, originally it was $50.00....!!!!!!

All in all, nabbed some good savings today too!

Over 32.00 in Completely Free Stuff in less than 30 Minutes!!!!!

Today, my mother and I went shopping at one of our local malls. We were ready to go armed with all of the wonderful coupons we had received (Through the mail, email, etc....) We had 3 spots to hit...... Bath & Body Works, Hallmark & Victoria's Secret.

1:59 PM- Bath And Body Works- Total- $1.59- Purchased: Travel Hand Sanitizer & Received Lemon Lip Balm for free ($7.50 Value) With coupon..... Coupon was receive free lip balm up to $8.00 with any purchase. (Mom's Trip, but I paid, so I got to keep The Goods!!! I <3 My mommy!!!!!!

2:00 PM- Bath & Body Works- Total $12.72- Purchased: 2 Body Lotions (Spiced Gingersnap, I Love Licorice) & Received any item up to $13.00 for FREE.... I chose the new scent "Twilight Woods" I saved $10.50 using this coupon

2:15 PM- Hallmark- Total $0.83- Purchased: A Hamster Stuffed Animal for my Little Brother for Christmas Coupon I used was save $5.00 off any purchase. The stuffed animal was originally $5.50, but I purchased him for just 0.50 plus the original sales tax on him.

2:18 PM- Hallmark- Total $1.88- Purchased: My mom purchased A Hamster Stuffed Animal for my Little Brother for Christmas... Coupon- She used was save $5.00 off any purchase. The stuffed animal was originally $5.50, but she purchased him for just 0.50 plus the original sales tax on him. Plus she remembered to pick up a card for me for my Godson For Christmas!!!! Another reason I <3 my mom oh so much!!!!

2:24 PM- Victoria's Secret- Last Stop and had no extra coupons to share with my mom here- Total $0.00- Purchased: Love Spell Body Lotion ($9.00 Value!) Coupon- Had a Save up to $10.00 on your next purchase in store!

In total.... I received $32.00 In completely free stuff on top of some great sales that I got along the way..... The mall was crowded but No one was really in line anywhere, I guess that's an upside to living in Michigan, Nobody has the $$$$$ to purchase so If they don't find that "Special" gift they aren't going to purchase junk. I am SUPER PSYCHED about all of the deals I got at the mall today, Did anybody else score some freebies or bargains anywhere???? Feel free to comment below, in the drop down box!

In the mail today, I got "The Goods" Dvd I received for free using a free gift card from Walmart

I also got a $3.00 Survey Check From Pinecone

And I think that's about it........

You Know You Love My Deals......
The Brunette

Monday, December 14, 2009

Mail 12/14/09

Today Was a Great mail day......

2 Coupons each for saving 4.00 on 2 (16oz LaVictoria Salsa)

1.00 Survey Check From Survey Savvy

2 Free 20oz Cokes from Coke Rewards

Public Enemies (free with survey cash) I <3 Johnny Depp!

25.00 Wal-Mart Gift Card from Team Juicy Juice

Monday, December 7, 2009

What I Received in my Mail Today...... 12/7/2009

Today I got........

A package from Alice.com (LOVE this site!!!!) The Package Included....... ALL FOR FREE!!!!!!
~6 Pack Of Wintergreen Tic Tacs
~16 pack Of Lipton Ice Tea
~Bayer Chewable Asprin

3 Pampers Extra Protection Size 5 Diapers (For my Cousin's Baby..... I am the GODMOM!)

$10.00 In Similac Checks for My Cousin....

6 Prilosec OTC Tablets

$3.00 Check From PineCone Research.... (LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this Survey Group)

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Me taking pics!

An Awesome Looking Drive-IN Wisconsin

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Freebies!!!! In my mailbox...

Today was a pretty great mail day. I received The Office Season 5, A cute Bracelet, A Check Some Paypal Cash and Some Diapers for my cousin.

It was all free too!

I also got a 20.00 Amazon Gift Card and I used that to preorder the movie Away We Go With John Krazinski From the office and a fellow Michigander Jeff Daniels.... Super Psyched to see this movie and I only paid like .56 cents for it after using my gift card and that is including shipping! I would say that that right there is a great deal!

You know you love my deals.....
The Brunette

Monday, July 20, 2009

In My Mail Today.....

I thought I would let all my freebie lovers out there know what I received in my mailbox today......

~ Waterproof Shoe Sealant

~ (2) Starbucks Gift Cards for 5.00 Apiece..... (I use these as Christmas Gifts!!!!!)

~ (1) Target Gift Card for 10.00 (Got this through a group) Super excited about it because Coraline Comes out tomorrow on Dvd, now I will pick it up 10.00 dollars cheaper!

~ (3) Free Gatorade Coupons from Walgreen's

~ A couple of travel brochures..... If you can believe it we havent gone on ANY vacation so far this summer!!!!!

So as you can see sometimes you can get some pretty neat things all for free if you keep your eye out for them 8) With my good news comes good news for you, I will be adding more free stuff daily (hopefully) if not weekly!

You Know You Love My Deals!
The Brunette <3

Email To Get Ahold Of Me At (If you need to....)

My Email is TheBrunettesGuideToGreatDeals@yahoo.com

Thought you would all like to know that!

Have an Amazing Monday!

You Know You Love My Deals
The Brunette


Well, I thought my first blog would be a simple introduction of myself to everyone out there in cyberspace who reads my blog. I am a 20-something woman who loves a good deal. That's what I hope to achieve with my blog, by highlighting what I have received in my mail/email that are freebies!