Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Thanksgiving, Black Friday, Weekend Deals!!! (All Free W/ Free Gift Cards & Free Amex Cards!)

I Got All these Items Pictured completely free using gift cards that I have received for free throughout this year. I have accumulated them throughout the year in hopes of getting as much as I could for free on Black Friday! Check out each picture below to see my haul and what I used to get the items completely free!!! 

Original Retail For All Items Pictured: $412.16
Sale Price for All Items Pictured: $165.16
I Paid: $0.00 Nothing!!!!! 

 At Meijer, I Used a $56.00 Gift Card I Got For Free
I Bought:
2 Pairs Of Boots $40/$80
2 Popcorn Tins $8/$12
Wrong Turn 5 Blu Ray $5/$15
$111.78 Original Retail 
$56.00 After Sales 
Free W/ Free Meijer Gift Card 
At Kohl's I Used A Free $10 Mail Promo & 15% Off Pass 
I Bought:
A Green Watch $9.99/Was $28.00
Candies Slippers $14.99/Was $40.00
$72.08 Original Retail
$13.49 After Coupons & Sales
Free After Using Amex GC & Promo Card & Discount 
 I got this Coupon in the mail and It said Free Gift Valued at $9.95
Just Stop in, no purchase necessary... 
I Stopped in and Got this cute ornament. 
Valued at $9.95
Cost Me: $0.00
 At Target I Got...
Purple Boots $25/$35
Friends With Benefits $4/$10
The Vampire Diaries $13/$48
Original Retail Of $95.40
After Sales $46.11
Free W/ Amex Gift Cards!
 At Walmart I Got....
Lotus Christina Aguilara $5/$12
Pink's The Truth About Love $5/$12
The Hangover BR $4/$10
Clash Of The Titans BR $4/$10
Unstoppable $2/$5
Batman Begins BR $4/$8
Rise Of The Planet Of The Apes $4/$20
The Poseidon Adventure $4/$8
Original Retail: $83.74
After Sales: $33.67
Free W/ Free Walmart Gift Card
 I Ran Into The Dollar Store and Got the Following Completely Free W/ Amex GC
2 Sunkist Orange Slices
Toy Story 3 Book
Cars 2 Book
Lion Bath Toy
Tape Dispenser
Tape Rolls 
Spent $7.42, Which was Free W/Amex Gift Card 
At Meijer's I Got....
A Pink Blanket $7.99/$29.99
Original Price:$31.79
After Sales: $8.47
Which was then Free W/ Amex Gift Card 

Recent Mail!!!

I Recently Had A Great Mail Day this Past Saturday!
I Got.....
My Covergirl Bzz Agent Kit 3 Blast Sticks & Coupons (Another Post To Come Soon!)
$25 American Express GC I Won For Filling out a survey
Bic Hybrid 4 Razor 
Lots Of Magazines (More, Family Fun, Watch, OK & US Weekly)

Tricalm Product Share!

Tricalm sent this package for me to share with my family and friends!
Check it out!
They Sent lots!!!
Over 20 Mini Samples and 1 Large tube!

Crowdtap Party Coupons

I Got this courtesy of Crowdtap and Old Navy!
2 Free Coupons for Sweaters! 
Excited to get a new sweater this weekend! 
Wanted to say a quick thanks to Old Navy & Crowdtap for giving me the opportunity to complete this product share!
We managed to get some great boatneck cabled sweaters in purple and green! They are amazingly comfortable and aren't constricting. These two sweaters retail for $29.50 and are well worth it! I plan on buying more as soon as I can get out again!

With our coupons, they cost us absolutely nothing! That's a $62.54 Value for free! Thanks again Old Navy & Crowdtap! 

I Got Paid $0.36 for Getting These Groceries

I love Kroger!!! Using Coupons I Got The Following Completely Free, In Fact, I made MONEY! I was given $0.36 to get these items out of the store!!!
I Got....
2 Bags Of Lays Chips $4.00/Free W/Overages
2 Cups of Greek Yogurt $2.00/Free W/Coupons
2 YoKids Yogurt 8-Packs $8.00 Free W/Coupons
1 6-Pack Of Ginger Rootbeer $3.50 Value/Free W/Coupons
1 Blue Agave Sweetener $4.59 Value Free/W Coupons
Organic Brown Sugar $3.59 Free W/Coupons
That's Over $25.00 In Groceries that I Got completely free and actually made money! 

Recent Mail.....

I Got.....
Small Cosmetics Bag (From Target, Filled W/ Samples)
Ace Bandage
1 Amex Card $25 Value!

Recent Mail (11/15 & 11/16)

I Recently Got.... 
Gotta Deal Black Friday Prize Pack (I won the Scavenger Hunt!)
I Got.... 
1 Gotta Deal Caution Black Friday Shopper T-Shirt
1 Gotta Deal Pen
1 Gotta Deal Business Card Holder with Gotta Deal Cards
1 Gotta Deal Note Pad

I also Got in the mail.....
Kill Bill $6, Free W/ Amazon GCs
Kill Bill 2 $6 Free W/Amazon GCs
$3 Survey Check
$25 Amex Small Business Card

Free Clutch from Express! $15.90 Value!

Got A Coupon in the Mail for $15 off $15 and Got this Clutch Completely Free!
$15.90 Value, Free W/Coupon! Almost let it expire, glad I didn't!
Update: Got another coupon! This one expires right before Christmas!

Recent Mail $21 Value

Recently I Got....
Sweeney Todd Blu Ray $5.50 Value
Sleepy Hollow Blu Ray $5.50 Value
Carrie Blu Ray $5.00 Value
Jeepers Creepers Blu Ray $5.00 Value
In Total, $21.00 In Movies for Free W/ Amazon GCs!

Monday, November 19, 2012

Treat Two Day Free Card Campaign 2012

Previous Treat Card I ordered (I have ordered a dozen times, Literally! Never been disappointed!)
 Your holiday checklist just got shorter. Create and send a totally personalized greeting card from Treat for FREE!!!! I love this site and all the awesome awe-inspiring cards that they have to send to family and friends Whether saying thanks for Thanksgiving, wishing a best friend a holiday birthday, or simply sharing the holiday cheer with a just because card, Treat lets you create a one-of-a-kind card that is sure to impress.

If you didn't know, Treat is Shutterfly’s exciting new greeting card brand that makes it easy for people to create and send one-of-a-kind greeting cards. Treat cards are perfect for holidays, birthdays, congrats, thank yous and every occasion in between. It’s crazy fun. It’s super easy. And it’s totally personal.

What's The Deal???? Glad you asked!!! Starting Today, Treat will be offering a free Treat card good only on Monday 11/19 & Tuesday 11/20. All you have to do is go to Treat.com and pick out a card and upon check out put the coupon code:  TREATBLOGR into the discounts box. Your card will be free upon checkout! Couldn't be simpler. 

If you run into any problems, or have any questions please feel free to leave comments and I will answer them as soon as I can. Please check out the site, you won't be disappointed! I have been a fan of Treat for as long as they have been around and have always been thrilled with the cards that I have purchased through them. They are simply awesome. 

This is a sponsored post. While the opinions I have expressed are my own I have been compensated with Treat Credits by providing this honest post about their products. 

Friday, November 9, 2012

$48 Worth of Blu Rays Free W/ Amazon Gift Cards

I Got the Following Movies in The Mail On Monday..... 
Completely for Free W/ Amazon GCs
Safety Not Guaranteed Blu Ray ($23 Value)
The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2  Blu Ray ($5 Value)
A Christmas Story 2 Blu Ray ($20 Value)
That works out to $48 in Free Movies!!!!

Decorate It Forward With Kmart This Holiday Season!

Decorate it Forward this holiday season with Kmart’s affordable and stylish decorating and entertaining merchandise. Kmart is the perfect resource to help spread the holiday cheer. With a wide selection of ornaments, lights, trees, outdoor d├ęcor and special collections from Sandra Lee and Jaclyn Smith, Kmart provides you with great gift options so that you can share your holiday joy with others this season!

I decorated it forward by purchasing the ornaments above two Hello Kitty Ornaments. I have a Hello Kitty Mini Christmas Tree and thought I would be able to decorate it forward quite well with these new additions. These 2 ornaments cost a total of $16.96 but after my Decorate It Forward Gift Card I only spent $1.96. 

Check out the Virtual Ornament Creator and build your own Kmart Christmas virtual ornament card and Decorate it Forward to friends and family.

Kmart has partnered with St. Jude Hospital to offer you a special holiday decoration that will be sure to bring smiles to your loved ones. When you buy the exclusive St. Jude Holiday Bear Collectable Ornament for $5 in store or online, $1 will go back to support St. Jude’s mission.

See for yourself why Kmart is your one stop shop for all things holiday.

I was compensated for this post with a $15 Kmart Gift Card to decorate it forward this holiday season courtesy of Kmart and Smiley360. All of the opinions in this post are my own feelings and are true.

Important Links:
  • To locate a Kmart store near you, click here
  • 'Like' Kmart on Facebook for exclusive offers and promotions 

Pinypon & Nenuco Party ($115.00 Value!)

I was lucky enough to be chosen to party with mommyparties recently!
I Got Selected to host a Nenuco & Pinypon Party
We got.....
2 Pinypon Cars
12 Pinypon Mini Figures
2 Nenuco Dolls
This works out to a value of over $115 Value! 

We had an excellent party and enjoyed playing with all of the toys. All of the figures were handed out to the guests and 1 Car set was raffled off to a lucky guest as well as a Nenuco Baby Doll. All items were a hit and many of the guests now have an idea of what to get their daughter's for Christmas this year! The coupons were handed out to all and much appreciated! 

For my Readers that would like to look more into these brands as well Nenuco & Pinypon are on Facebook and I will link there pages as well as their web addresses below. I have found Pinypon's since in my Local Meijer store but I am told they are also available at Toys R' Us. I haven't come across any place to buy Nenuco dolls yet but again I am told that they are available at most Kmart's and Toys R' Us as well. 

If you are shopping for a young girl this Holiday season why not go with Pinypon & Nenuco toys? I know all that were at my party enjoyed them a lot. I don't think you can go wrong and wanted to say thanks again to both companies for providing such a great package for us to party and play with! We can't wait to host another party soon!

Pinypon Caravan & Figure Commercial

I was compensated for this post with products from the Nenuco line & Pinypon line all of the opinions expressed are my own honest feelings.

Recent Freebies & Mail!

With $3 in Survey Cash & Coupons I Got...
2 Bags of Doritos
2 Bags of Chewy Caramels
 Recently I Got.....
More Magazine
OK! Magazine
2 FPC For L'oreal Hair Color
2 Target Beauty Bags
I also Got....
Trivial Pursuit Steal Card Game For $1.05, Free W/ Survey Cash!