Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Free Pop with Sales, coupons & Free Gift Card

Using Coupons, Sales & A Free Gift Card I snagged 4 Free 12-Packs!
These Packs have a value of $21+
Cost Just $11.80 After Coupons +Sale & Were completely free W/ A free Gift Card!
I Got....
1 12-Pack Diet Ruby Red Squirt
1 12-Pack Diet Mountain Dew
1 12-Pack Diet Vernors
1 12-Pack Diet Pepsi

Bath & Body Works Freebies after Sales, Coupon & Free Gift Card

Combining A Sale, Coupon ($10 off $30) & A Free Gift Card 
I Got $94.87 worth of products for just $21.86 after sales & coupons, free after Gift Card
I Got....
2 Body Sprays ($24)
2 Candles (1 Large, 1 Medium) ($29)
1 Mini Lotion ($3.50)
3 Large Lotions ($33)

Free Hello Kitty Slippers w/ Free Gift Card I Got...

Using A Gift Card I got Completely Free I Got...
Hello Kitty Slippers Originally $15.80, After Sales were just $4.74 and Free After Gift Card!

Bic Soleil Bzz Kit ($8 Value) Recent Mail

I recently got this package from Bzz Agent it is a Bzz Kit For Bic Soleil 
It Included.....
1 Pack Of Razors
Lots of Coupons 
Bzz Guide
($8 Value)

Free Softlips Coupon ($3.99 Value) Recent Mail

I recently got this in the mail....
It is a Coupon For Free Softlips Gloss (Up To $3.99)

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Picked Up Some Groceries For Free W/ A Gift Card That I received for free...
I Got....
2 Bags Of Doritos ($4.67 Value)
1 Bag of O-Ke-Doke Corn Puffs ($1.50 Value)
2 Blocks Of Cheese ($4.00 Value)
1 Wedge Of Watermelon ($1.50 Value)
1 Pan of Brownies ($4.50 Value)
1 Boneless Ham ($4.50 Value)

Free Pop! $8.40 Value!

Picked Up Some Groceries For Free W/ A Gift Card That I received for free...
I Got....
6- 4-Packs of Pop ($8.40 Value)

Free W/ Coupons ($1.79 Value)

With Coupons I Got The Following Completely Free!
1 Reese's Peanut Butter Cups ($0.79)
1 Sobe Life Water ($1.00)
That's $1.79 Value Completely Free!

Free Groceries ($4.30 Value)

Picked Up Some Groceries For Free W/ A Gift Card That I received for free...
I Got....
1 2-Liter Of Diet Rite ($0.70)
 1 Loaf Of Everything Bread ($1.60)
Munchos Chips ($2.00)
That's A $4.30 Value for Free!

Even More Recent Mail....

Recently I Received all of this in the mail....
Be Wine Bzz Kit (Nail File, Mail In Rebate, Mints, Mirror, Lip Balm)
FPC For Reese's (I won in IWG)

More Recent Mail....

More Recent Mail Brought the following to me....
1 FPC(Free Product Coupon) For Bacon
2 BOGO Pepsi Coupons
Target Beauty Pouch (Filled W/Samples & Coupons, Nice Blue Bag)
$85 in American Express Giftcards from Crowdtap to host a party

Recent Mail....

I recently got the following in the mail....
A Lawry's Bzz Kit (Lawry's Apron, 2 Marinades, Seasoning Salt, Coupons)
A Skylander Toy (Won in an IWG (Instant Win Game), $8 Value)

Monday's Mail....

Monday I Got...
W Magazine
Prom Night (Brand New Blu Ray $5 Value Free W/Amazon GCs)
One Missed Call (Brand New $4.50 Blu Ray Free W/Amazon GCs)
The Six Wives Of Henry Lefay Blu Ray ($4.75 Value Free W/ Amazon GCs)

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Love Kroger's Private Selection Line!!!!

I was lucky enough to get selected to Host the "Taste of Summer" Private Selection party
I received:

1 FPC For 6"Pie (Apple Or Cherry)
1 FPC For Angus Beef (Up To $5.00)
1 Free Bag Of Pepper Krinkle Chips
1 $1.50 Off Private Selection Ice Cream

With that I went off to Kroger with a mission to get the above items, and some deals with coupons and Kroger promotions...

Here's What I Got With My Coupons.....

3 Edy's Fruit Bars ($2.97/$11.97 Value)
7 Candy Bars ($1.44/$6.93 Value)
1 2-Liter Of Pepsi Next ($0.10/$1.60 Value)

With My BzzAgent Coupons I Got....
1 Pint Of Private Selection Ice Cream ($0.49/$1.99 Value)
1 Pack of Private Selection 90/10 Angus Beef ($0.02/$5.13 Value)
Private Selection Pie Apple (Free!/$3.99 Value)

In Total.... I would have Spent $31.61 with no coupons.
With Coupons I Spent Just $5.02!!!

To Summarize:
I, along with my family have tried all the Private Selection products pictured and all were in agreement that the quality of these products is like no other. We are Private Selectionaholics now!!! 
Thanks Kroger & BzzAgent for the great package! I already loved Kroger, since they are a great place to coupon at, but now I have a new line of products to purchase as well!!!

I received a product sample, coupon, collateral or other special premium from BzzAgent.

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Recent Mail, All Free!!!

 2 30-Packs Of Sour Punch Ropes $20.40 Value, Free W/Amazon GCs
 True Blood S4 Blu Ray $40.00 Value, Free W/Amazon GCs
 Wild Things On Blu Ray $8.00 Value/Free W/Amazon GCs
$10 Coupon From Bath & Body Works
 An FPC For Reese's That I won
My Get Glue Stickers
Enfamil Formula Packets
Dr. Scholl's Bzz Agent Pack+Coupons
Britney Spears Greatest Hits CD 

Recent Grocery Freebies....

4 6-Packs Of Zevia For Free!!! $16.00 Value! 
 2 Soft Lips $8.50 Value, Spent Just $0.50!
 3 Packs Of Bacon $13.50 Value For Free!
5 Sobes & 1 2-Liter All Free! $6.00 Value!