Saturday, April 28, 2012

Thursday's Mail

Thursday I Got.....
Coupons From Kraft First Taste ($1 off & FPC)
MiO Lemonade
Glitter Nail Polish (Won In Contest)
Lost Boys The Thirst DVD (Won In Contest)
Thursday's Mail has a retail value of $15+

Free Fragrance From Bath & Body Works ($6.00 Value)

I Got.... A Free Fragrance From Bath & Body Works!
Wild Apple Daffodil ($6.00 Value) 

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Love Coppertone!

Check out the perks of being a 
Coppertone Water Mom!!!
This $50+ Package Includes:
24 Samples 
Host Information
Giant Tote
2 Full Size Products
Mini Water Bottle
I can't wait to share this with friends & family!
I only use Coppertone, to keep us safe from 
the bright summer sun.

For more information about Coppertone, click on the Coppertone Water Moms
picture at the right of my page. 

"As a member of the Coppertone Water Moms group, I receive product samples and promotional items to share and use as I see fit. No monetary compensation has taken place and any opinions expressed by me are honest and reflect my actual experience."

Tuesday's Mail!

Tuesday I Got....
Natural Born Killers Blu Ray
($12 Value Free W/ Amazon GCs!)

Got A Travel Mist For Free From Bath & Body Works! ($6 Value!)

Got A Travel Mist For Free
From Bath & Body Works!
($6 Value!)

With $3 In Survey Cash I Got $30 In Merchandise!

With $3 In Survey Cash I Got $30 In Merchandise!
Lots of Cards, Metal Containers,
Stickers, Pail and More!

Monday's Mail!

Monday I Got.....
14 Yogurt Coupons
Gud Sample +Coupon
Craisins Sample +Coupon

Fuel Up The Frenzy Win #2 Prize!

Got the second prize I won from the
Fuel Up The Frenzy IWG
Diet Dew Basketball ($20 Value)

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Made 3 Clearance Easter Baskets For Under $5.50 (Over $45.00 In Value!)

My Target Had Everything 70%-90% off
in The Easter Section So I took full advantage of it
on a recent lunch break!

Basket #1 $2.17

1 Basket $0.25/$2.50 Value
2 3-Pack PB Bunnies $0.10/$2.00 Value
2 M&Ms $0.38/$3.98 Value
Paul Frank Crunch $0.34/$3.49 Value
Skittles Pastels $0.80/$3.00 Value
Handful Of Hershey's $0.30/$1.00 Value
Total Spent: $2.17/ Value: $15.97

Basket #2 $1.65
1 Basket $0.25/$2.50 Value
Pals Egg Kit $0.19/$1.99 Value
1 M&Ms $0.19/$1.99 Value
2 3-Pack PB Bunnies $0.20/$2.00 Value
1 4-Pack Cadbury Eggs $0.33/$3.39 Value
Handful Of Hershey's $0.30/$1.00 Value
Monster High Eraser Set $0.19/$1.99 Value
Total Spent $1.65/Value: $14.86

Basket #3 $1.75
1 Basket $0.25/$2.50 Value
Pals Egg Kit $0.19/$1.99 Value
1 M&Ms $0.19/$1.99 Value
2 3-Pack Of PB Bunnies $0.20/$2.00 Value
1 4-Pack Of Cadbury Eggs $0.33/$3.39 Value
Handful Of Hershey's $0.30/$1.00 Value
Duncan Yo-Yo $0.29/$2.99 Value
Total Spent: $1.75/Value $15.86

Grand Total: $5.57
Total Value: $46.69
Total Saved: $41.12

Monday's Mail ($53 Value)

Monday's Mail had a retail value of $53!
I Got....
The Darkest Hour ($18/Free W/Amazon GCs)
Battle Royale Collection ($32/Free W/Amazon GCs)
1 FPC For Zone Bar
$1 Survey Check

Free W/ $2.90 Survey Cash ($9 Value)

Got All Of this for just $2.90, Original Retail $9
How?:Coupons & Sales
3 Boxes Of Nerds: $0.90
2 Jell-O 6-Packs $2.00

Free 2-Liter

Got A Free 2-Liter!
How: W/ Catalina I scored awhile back.....
Value: $1

Last Party Pack From House Party & Sony ($75 Value)

Last Party Pack.... But Got Some Great Stuff!
2 New Games (Uncharted 3 & LBP 2)
Some Tokens That are pretty neat
Can Koozie
($75 Retail+ Value)
I am going to miss this package coming
monthly now that it is over.....

Just $0.56 for 4 Bags Of LifeSaver Gummies ($7.56 Value!)

I Got 4 Bags Of LifeSaver Gummies For Just $0.56!!!
How?: By Combining a $1 Coupon & Target Coupon
That's $0.14 A Bag!!!

I Saved $7.00!

$3.00 for $7.50 Worth Of Candy, Free W/Survey Cash

I Got This Candy For Just $3.00 (Over $7.50 Value)
Free After Survey Cash
6 Pack Reese's Eggs $1.50
Reester Bunnies $1.25
1 Reese's Egg $0.25

Friday, April 13, 2012

Thursday's Mail!!! $15 Value!

Thursday I Got...
Turkey Hill Memo Pad W/Coupons
$5 Speedway GC
Jack Sleeves ($10 Value) Free W/ DMR Points!

Fuel Up The Frenzy IWG Prize #1

So Far, I have won 2 prizes....!
This is the first prize to show up....
Really Nice Pint Glasses
Worth $15!

Got Free Papa John's Pizza! $12 Value!

Got A Yummy Pizza Completely Free!!!
With Free Papa Reward Points!

Won Reese's IWG!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Wednesday's Mail! ($55 Value)

In Wednesday's Mail I Got......
The Sitter Blu Ray Combo Pack ($14 Value/Free W/Amazon GCs)
Julep Order For $0.01 (Valued $41.00!)

Monday's Mail

Drive-In Book ($8/Free W/Amazon GCs)
Harold & Kumar Christmas Blu Ray/Dvd Combo ($14/Free GCs)
$3 Pinecone Check

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Love Bath & Body Works Outlets! Just $19.79 for $138.33 Worth Of Merchandise!

36 Lunch Box Hand Sanitizers
3 Travel Items
1 Large Fragrance
9 Mini Candles W/ Glass Holders

Original Retail of all items is $138.33
I Paid just $19.79 After Sales & Coupon
That's A Savings of Over $118.54!!!
And A Percentage Savings of over 85%!!!

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Love Kroger Spent $0.37 For $35.94 Worth Of Groceries

Love Kroger! Got $35.94 Worth Of Groceries for Just $0.37!
Plus I Got An FPC For Pop
3 Silk's
1 Kashi Steamer Meal
4 Bayer Baby Asprin's
1 Ocean Spray Craisins
1 Lays Chips
5 Different Yogurts

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Tuesday's Mail

Tuesday I Got....
Craisins Sample + FPC!

Free W/ Survey & Easter Cash! $26 Value!

Got The Following Blu Rays For Free W/ Survey Cash
& $20 Easter Cash From GrandParents
Adventureland ($5)
Bad Santa ($6)
The Spirit ($5)
The Way Of The Gun ($5)
See No Evil ($5)

Free Blu Ray W/ $5 Survey Cash

I Got Winter's Bone On Blu Ray For Free W/ $5.00 In Survey Cash

Sunday's Freebie Groceries $13.80 Value

Got These Groceries For Free After Using A
Visa GC I won ($13.80 Value)
I Got.....
Cookie Cake
Strawberry CheeseCake
Cheez-It Cheddar Jack
2 Scrap-booking Sticker Sets

Free Mega Bloks Set After Coupons & Survey Cash

Friday I Got...
Hello Kitty Mega Bloks Set For
$2.37 After Coupons & Free W/ Survey Cash
Regular Retail Of $4.99!

Free Pop With Coupons

Friday I Got.....
1 12oz Pepsi Next For Free ($0.50 Value)
1 20oz Diet Coke For Free ($1.59 Value)

Friday's Mail

Friday I Got A Bag Of Mail From My Aunt That Included...
2 Prevacid Coupons (Sold Out Everywhere, Expired Now....)
1 PopSecret FPC (Redeemed!)
Keebler Jumbo Wafer
$8 Survey Check
Keurig Apple Cider 12 Pack
Mucinex Sample +Coupon
Lips KeyChain
5-HR Energy
Julep Order ($0.01 For Over $35 In Goodies!)

At Home I Got....
Stonyfield Yogurt Party Package
Temp Tattoos
Lots of $1 Off Coupons
6 Free Product Coupons