Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Recent Mail & Coupon Freebies!

 Monday I Got....
Harper's Bazaar & Instyle Magazines
Express Coupon
$3 Survey Check
Home Alone 4 DVD Free W/Amazon GCs
Obama Car Magnet
Kmart Decorate It Forward $15 GC (Look for post in upcoming weeks to find out what I bout to Decorate It Forward!!!) *Courtesy Of Kmart & Smile360
Got The Following Completely Free By Using Coupons!!
$21 Value!
4 Bags Of Lindt Lindor Truffles ($12 Value)
SoftLips Pearl Gloss ($4 Value)
2 Boxes Of Garlic Triscuit's ($5 Value)
 Saturday I Got The Following!!!!
W Magazine
Redbook Magazine
US Weekly Magazine
Marie Claire Magazine
Home Alone 3 ($5 Value Free W/ Amazon GCs)
With $4 In Survey Checks I Got....
Zours Candy
2 Packs Of Luden's (Orange & Wild Berry)
Nail Polish Stickers
 I Got The Following Completely Free W/ Coupons $20 Value!
Glade Spray ($4 Value)
Glade Scents Holder ($9 Value)
Lindt Candy 2 bags ($6 Value)
Extra Gum ($1 Value)
All Free W/ Coupons!!!

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Got The Following For Free W/ $3 In Survey Cash!

Got The Following All For Free W/ $3 In Survey Cash!
Purchased All At My Local Goodwill
The Art Of Sleepy Hollow ($1.49)
Hot Hands Foot Warmers 5-Pack ($0.99)
Nightlight ($0.59)

Free W/ $3 In Survey Cash!

With $3 In Survey Cash I Got The Following For Free At 
My Local Goodwill
I Got....
Strawberry Shortcake Berry Go Round Game ($0.49/ Reg $0.99 1/2 OFF)
Care Bear Ornament Brand New ($1.49)
My Little Pony Memory Game ($0.69)
All The Games Are Complete!

Free Lip Balm With Coupon ($2.49 Value!)

I Got This Nivea Berry Lip Balm Free W/ Coupon! ($2.49 Value!)

Recent Mail!

Recently I Got The Following In My Mail.....
Triscuit Free Box Coupon + Stickers & Note
Obama Biden Sticker
$3 Survey Check
$3 Coupon Off Hershey's

Monday, October 8, 2012

Got All of This for Just $1.07, Free W/Survey Cash!

I Went To Cracker Barrel with A Free $5 GC I got from signing up
to play their summer instant win game (now over) and bought the following...

Love Never Melts Large Tote ($1.99 Original Retail)
Turkey Beanie Boos ($4.99 Original Retail)

With Sales & The $5 GC My total was just $1.07, I used survey cash to 
make my total completely free to me! I plan on using the tote for Black Friday since it is really big and The Turkey Beanie Boo is already out on display in my home. Glad I didn't let this promo expire--I redeemed it on the Last day!

Free W/ $3 Survey Cash (Got Rare Item!!!!)

I Spent $3 In Survey Cash Last Time I Ran Into Goodwill
I Found.....
Care Bear Collectors Edition Baby Hugs Brand New W/Tags ($0.69)
Paul Frank Gloves New W/Tags ($0.99)
Monkey Plate ($0.29)
Emergency Thermos From The 70s ($0.99) Looked on Ebay and this sells for $22-$32+!

That's Why I love Goodwill, you never know what you are going to find. 
I always manage to find something or another every time I go in....

More Recent Mail! $50+ Value!

Recently I Got....
2 Cards From Cardstore ($8 Value! Free W/Amazon GCs!)
Cabin In The Woods Blu Ray ($20 Value! Free W/Amazon GCs!)
D.O.A. Blu Ray($6 Value Free W/Amazon GCs!)
Extraordinary Measures Blu Ray ($6 Value Free W/Amazon GCs!)
Please Give Blu Ray ($6 Value Free W/Amazon GCs!)
2 FPC For Van's Waffles ($6+ Value)
WhoNu FPC ($4 Value)
2 Jello $1 Off Coupons
2 Hallmark Coupons ($4 Rewards)  
Austin Powers Soundtrack Free From Antique Mall Vendor

Recent Mail!!

Recently I Got.....
Harper's Bazaar Magazine
Christmas Card From Cardstore
American Horror Story Season 1 ($29.99 Value Free W/ Amazon GCs)
All of The Items I received have a total value of $38+!

Thinking About Holiday Cards..... Think Shutterfly!!!!

Wow-- It's October already! I know it snuck up on me too! If you're anything like me, you don't like to put things off till the last minute.. That's why I love Shutterfly. I have ordered so many things throughout the years and have enjoyed the quality and durability and the looks of it all. I have ordered hardcover books, prints, totes, magnets and holiday cards and more!

So, I encourage all of my readers to check out Shutterfly's special offers page at http://www.shutterfly.com/special-offers I check it often and have received some great deals by doing so in the past. Currently they are running about 10 deals including free shipping on orders of $30 or more... Check out the link provided and let me know what your favorite card is.... If I get a bunch of comments I may be able to host a giveaway for one of my readers to win!

      Shutterfly Social Channels
         Twitter: http://twitter.com/Shutterfly
            Pinterest: http://pinterest.com/shutterfly/
    Instagram: Shutterfly
        Google +: https://plus.google.com/+shutterfly
        Blog: http://blog.shutterfly.com/

This is a sponsored post. While the opinions I have expressed are my own I have been compensated with Shutterfly Credits by providing this honest post about their products. 


Friday, October 5, 2012

Eco Lunchbox Filled With Clif Products $25+ Value!

Clif Bar Company Sent me this Eco Lunch Box Filled With Clif Products
I Got....
This Eco Lunchbox (Retails for $22+)
Clif Shot Bloks
Clif Energy Gel
2 Clif Bars
Easily all of this has a total value of $25!
I Got it completely free!

Recent Mail...

I Recently Got The Following In The Mail....
Free Bic Pen I Won In An Instant Win Game $1+ Value
Orajel Cold Sore Relief Meds (Smiley 360 Offer) $15+Value

Motherfunny House Party Package

Got My Nick MotherFunny House Party Package!
It contained....
Momlibs x3
Mom Charades
Lysol Cleaning Spray
Drink Mix

All in all, Probably a retail value of $20+