Monday, August 30, 2010

Today I Got......
V8 Fusion Drink
2 Tom's Toothpaste Samples
Ginger Snaps Dvd (Free W/Amazon GC)
Entertainment Weekly Magazine
Coupon For Free LifeSavers

I Got these items completely free
using coupons and sales....
2 Bags of Chex Mix

I Got these items completely free
using coupons and sales....
3 Cans Of Progresso

Got This in the mail
The Invisible Circus Dvd Free W/Amazon GC

I Got these items completely free
using coupons and sales....
4 Cans Of Progresso
2 Cans Of Chef Ravioli
1 Diet Pepsi Wild Cherry
M&M's Peanut Butter
I Won The Sobe Instant Win Game
7 Times This Week!!!

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Sticker Mule Blog Post

I am excited to promote a company called Sticker Mule!
They have some fantastic custom stickers... up for purchase and they do a great job at what they do which is creating stickers. They have some new and exciting stickers shapes and sizes and are a very cool company.
Visit them at.....
To See what their up to!

I have ordered some stickers to promote
my father's business and plan on surprising him with them for his birthday!!!
Can't wait to see what they can do!! Looking at their work posted on their
site I am EXCITED!

Friday, August 27, 2010

Today I Got.....

$15 In Amazon Gift Cards

Psycho (remake) Dvd (Free W/Amazon GC)

Free Pint Of Ben & Jerry's Coupon

Family Fun Magazine

I also Got the Star Wars Clone Wars House Party!!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Today I Got.....

The Relic/Pet Sematary Two Dvd (Free W/Amazon GC)

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Today I Got.....

$1 Opinion Place Amazon GC

The Million Dollar Hotel Dvd (Free W/Amazon GC)

Loreal Infallible Lipgloss Free

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Today I Got.....

2 Free Juicy Juice Product Coupons

1 Free Sobe Coupon

Us Weekly Magazine

Along Came A Spider Dvd (Free W/ Amazon GC)

Kissing A Fool Dvd (Free W/ Amazon GC)

Fools Rush In Dvd (Free W/ Amazon GC)

Using Coupons and Sales.....
I Got The Following Items For Free!!!

4 Super Sticky Post-It Notes

Mt. Olive Hamburger Dill Pickle Pak
Today I Got....

Free Goat's Milk Cheese Coupon

2 Marie Claire Mags

Snapfish Order (25pics, 1 8X10)

Boys On The Side Dvd (Free W/Amazon GC)

Don't Say A Word Dvd (Free W/Amazon GC)

The Island Dvd (Free W/Amazon GC)

Deuce Bigalow Male Gigolo Dvd (Free W/Amazon GC)

From Hell Dvd (Free W/Amazon GC)

The Italian Job Dvd (Free W/Amazon GC)

The Bone Collector Dvd (Free W/Amazon GC)

At First Sight Dvd (Free W/Amazon GC)

What Just Happened Blu Ray (Free W/Amazon GC)

Syncdoche New York Blu Ray (Free W/Amazon GC)

The Edge Of Love Blu Ray (Free W/ Amazon GC)

Thursday, August 19, 2010

This Past Week I Have
Won The Sobe IWG
5 Times!
I Won 5 FPC!!!!
In Store: For Free

3 Packs Of Post Its

2 Hot Pace Salsas

2 8-Packs Of Juicy Juice (Tangerine Orange & Punch)

Today I Got.....

Crime + Punishment In Suburbia Dvd (Free W/Amazon GC)

Nutty Professor 2: The Klumps Dvd (Free W/Amazon GC)

The Family Man Dvd (Free W/Amazon GC)

Shriek If You Know What I Did Last Friday The 13th Dvd (Free W/Amazon GC)

Brokedown Palace Dvd (Free W/Amazon GC)

Pace Salsa IWG Coupon

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Today I Got....
The Woods Have Eyes (Blu Ray) Only $3.99 after a AMAZON Promo code. Got it for free w/ Amazon GC
Subterano Dvd (Free W/Amazon GC)
Soul Survivors: Killer Cut Dvd (Free W/Amazon GC)

$40 In Amazon Gift Cards

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

$6.80 In Amazon GC

Monday, August 16, 2010

Got A $10 Amazon GC from Zoom Panel

Requested a $5 Amazon GC From Another Survey Site..
My Mail From Tuesday-Saturday Consisted Of The Following.....
$20 Amazon Gift Card

Think Of A Number Book

Date Night Dvd Free W/ Amazon GC

The Sixth Sense Free W/ Amazon GC

Betsy's Wedding Free W/ Amazon GC

Drive In Free W/ Amazon GC

Say It Isn't So Free W/ Amazon GC

$10 Walmart Gift Card

Organic Vanilla Lip Balm

Lots of Magazines 2 Us Weekly's, Maxim, Rolling Stone & Lots More....

Monday, August 9, 2010

Today I Got....

The Haunting Dvd Free W/Amazon GC

Deadline. Blu-Ray Free W/ Paypal Cash

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Today I Got.....
Operation Endgame Brand New Dvd (Free W/ Paypal Cash)
Cape Fear Brand New Dvd (Free W/ Paypal Cash)
vtech MobiGo System Free From Modern Mom (Retails at $59.99)

Friday, August 6, 2010

Today I Got.....

$25 In Checks ( 2-$10 1-$5)

Entertainment Weekly

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Thursday I Got.....
$20 Target Gift Card
Heart Shaped Mouse Pad ($8.99 Free)
My BzzAgent Kit (Orbit)
~5 Packs Of Orbit Gum
~6 Bogo Coupons

Wednesday I Got.....
Watch Magazine
Toolbox Murders Dvd (Free W/ Amazon GC)

With Coupons
I Got The Following For Free
10 Diet Cokes
1 Coke Cola Zero
1 Sobe Life Water
At Least $17.00 Value!

Got Lucky This Week, Winning The Sobe IWG
5 Times So Far....
5 Free Coupons Coming My Way
I <3 Sobe!!