Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Freakshow is on AMC Thursday at 9:30|8:30c

Freakshow is on AMC Thursday at 9:30|8:30c
Watch Todd Ray, Danielle Ray, Asia Ray, Phoenix Ray, Amazing Ali, Brianna Belladonna, George Bell, The Creature, Morgue and the Mystic every, Thursdays at 9:30/8:30c, only on AMC. 

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Influenster Sweetheart Voxbox 2013

Influenster Sweetheart Voxbox 2013

 My Box Contained the following: 

~ Olay Fresh Effects System $13 Value
 ~ Secret Clinical Strength Deodorant $8 Value 
 ~Not Your Mother's Hair Spray Sample $2 Value 
 ~Skinny Girl Blueberry Bar $2 Value 

This Voxbox has a total value of $25 Dollars!!! 
 Thanks Again Influenster & All the product brands who endorsed this box and participated! 

Be on the lookout for upcoming reviews of the products that I received in this box. 
 I received these products complimentary for testing and review purposes from Influenster


Love Free Candy! $3 Value, Free W/ Survey Cash!

I love free candy!!!! Using $3 in survey cash I got....
KitKat Bar $1 Value/Free W/Survey Cash
Payday Bar $1 Value/Free W/Survey Cash 
Skittles Sour Theater Box $1 Value/Free W/Survey Cash  

My Free Purchases with Free Survey Cash ($3 Value!)

Got the following completely free using $3 in Survey Cash!
1 Pack of Bracelet Elastics $1 Value/Free W/Survey Cash
1 Brisk Pink Lemonade $1 Value/Free W/Survey Cash
Peeps & Hello Kitty Clutches .50 Apiece, /Free W/Survey Cash

Free Wallet Clutch W/ $3 In Survey Cash!

I got this wallet clutch, originally $15, Free using $3 in Survey Cash!!

My Free order ($22 Value!)

I got my order the other day, 
I received Death Valley On Blu Ray
This has a retail value of $22! I got it for free by using my free Amazon GCs!

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

I love being a BzzAgent (Nescafe Memento Coffee Sticks)

I absolutely love Being a BzzAgent, I am so proud of being a member of such a fantastic community and I am thrilled at my level of 9.1, I love that I am rewarded with campaigns that fit my life to a t and I am helping companies with their product futures and campaigns. 

I just got this package in the mail today and wanted to share a picture of how fantastic this package was. This package contained so much coffee and I love BzzAgent and it's company partners for that, they always provide enough to their members so the members can share it with family, friends, co-workers, neighbors, that random person at the store, etc. 

This package contained:
3 Different Memento Flavors; Mocha, Caramel Latte, Cappuccino
All packages contain 8 sticks which make 8-10 oz of coffee. 
Lots of Coupons for $1.50 a box.

After opening the package, I had to go to work to work the late shift. I snagged the boxes on my way out the door and grabbed a stack of coupons as well......

And what do you know???? I am completely out of coupons, and I am out of Nescafe Memento as well.... This has got to be the fastest turn-around for me. I normally have a day or so in between but working the late shift with a group of zombies and coffee is gone quick!!!! 

I managed to get out the benefits of Nescafe, but in all honesty, I really didn't need to. Everyone who grabbed a stick, regardless of the flavor was thrilled with the taste, and even more shocked that it was that good considering it was instant and could be made in literally under thirty seconds! 

 I enjoyed being able to share such a great product and my co-workers enjoyed the vast array of flavors and the low cost of Memento.

I was able to try this product since I am a member of BzzAgent, and I was picked for this product share based on certain demographics.

Free Sandals After A Store Survey Coupon & $2 in Survey Cash!

After Completing A Store Survey, I Got $2 in Credit...
I Found these Teal Sandals for $4.
After Using the $2 Credit, I Paid just $2 with Survey Cash, 
So it was technically free for me!

Free W/ Survey Cash! Awesome Travel Cup $3.50 Value!

With $3.50 In Survey Cash I Got....
This Awesome Travel Cup!

Free Groceries.... $3 Value!

With some FPCs I Got.....
2 2-Liters of Pepsi Next! 
$3.00 Value, Completely Free For Me!

$68.00 Value, Free W/ Amazon GCs!

With $65.00 in free Amazon GCs I Got the following for free! 
Nurse Jackie Season 4 $25.00
Weeds Season 8 $20.00
Catfish $7.00
Small Soldiers $8.00
Lumix Battery For Camera $5.00
I also Got.....
$3 Survey Check!

Love All These Freebies!

I Recently got all of these in the mail!
I Got...
Entertainment Weekly
US Weekly
2 FPCs for 2-Liters of Pepsi Next
Coupons & Full Size Sample of Peanut Butter Toast Crunch!

I Love Free Groceries! $10.50 Value!

I Got the following completely Free W/ Coupons & Card Perks
I Got.....
2 20 oz Diet Cokes $3.00/ Free W/ Coupons
1 Johnsonville Chicken Sausage $3.00 Value/Free W/Coupons
3 Pepsi Next 2-Liters $4.50 Value/ 2 Free W/ FPC'S 1 Free W/ Kroger Coupon
That's a $10.50 Value, Completely for Free!

More Recent Mail

I recently got the following in the mail....
2 Venus Shavers (1 Embrace, 1 Spa Breeze)
2 FPC For Pepsi Next 2-Liters
1 Ok Magazine

Recent Mail

I recently got the following in the mail....
Marie Claire Magazine
Purina One Dog Food Sample
Venus Embrace Shaver

The Taste: Tuesday at 8|7c on ABC

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Dairing Pairings

Each team must use five unique ingredients as it tries to create the best dish.
Episode 4
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Thursday, February 7, 2013

Small Ham Pizza From Hungry Howie's Just $0.79!!!!

 I was one of the lucky 30,000 people on Super Bowl Sunday 
who managed to get a free small cheese pizza courtesy of Hungry Howie's
My Store allowed me to add a topping for just $0.75, so I paid just $0.79 after Tax.
My Small Ham Pizza With Cheese Puff Flavored Crust was Delicious!
Thanks Hungry Howie's For A Cheap Pizza!

Project Study Granola Paid $5 Right Away~!

I Got The Following Product To Test In The Mail....
Toffee Nut Granola
Dark Chocolate Granola
Oats & Honey Granola
Strawberry Vanilla Granola
$5 Cash Compensation

Project Study Cereal

I Got The Following Cereal 
To Test In A Project Study!
Love Free Cereal!

Just $0.50 for $3.68 Worth Of Groceries!

Just $0.50 for $3.68 Worth Of Groceries!

Project Study-Dog Food

I was Asked to complete a project Study for 
A New Brand Of Dog Food...
I Got... 
6 Cans of Wet Dog Food!

Free Wholesome Sweeteners Party Package $25 Value!

Free Wholesome Sweeteners Party Package $25 Value!
It Contained
2 Kinds Of Brochures W/ Lots Of Coupons
2 FPC For Wholesome Sweeteners
Bag Filled With 50+ Single Serving Wholesome Sweeteners
Bag Filled With 25+ Single Serving Stevia Packets
2 Full Size Wholesome Sweetener Syrups
1 Large Grocery Bag

Free Heart Journal W/ $1 In Survey Cash!

Free Heart Journal W/ $1 In Survey Cash!

5 Items From Old Navy For Just $5.87!!! Free W/ Survey Cash!

 5 Items From Old Navy For Just $5.87!!! 
Free W/ Survey Cash!
I Got....
2 Pairs Of Flip Flops ($3.74)
1 Fleece Pullover ($0.87)
2 Striped V-Neck Long Sleeve Tees  ($0.84)
Love Clearance!

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

With $3 In Survey Cash I Got The Following For Free!

With $3 In Survey Cash I Got The Following For Free!
2 Dill Pickles $2.00
1 Bag Of Popcorn $1.00
Cherry Coca Cola Free W/ Coupon

Mean Girls Blu Ray For Free!

With $12.99 In Free Amazon GCs I Got...
Mean Girls Blu Ray Completely Free!

More Recent Mail!

I Recently Got...
Rolling Stone Magazine
1 Skeleton Bracelet Free W/$1.29 Amazon GCs
1 Peacock Bracelet Free W/$1.59 Amazon GCs
1 Blue Fan Free W/$1.29 In Amazon GCs

Recent Mail

Recently I Got The Following In The Mail....
Bzz Agent Package Which Included:
Johnsonville Coupons 1 Free Coupon, 5 $1 Offs
$10 Survey Payment In Cash!
1 FPC From Coke Rewards

With $3 in Survey Cash I Got....

With $3 In Survey Cash I Got The Following Completely Free!
Mentos UP2U 3-Pack $0.80
Mentos UP2U 3-Pack $0.80
Mentos UP2U 3-Pack $0.80
2 Mentos Packs $0.60
I managed to get these items on sale at Big Lots Customer Appreciation Sale

Recent Mail

Recently I Got The Following.....
W Magazine
Bzz Agent Package from Cambells Go Which Contained....
1 Chicken Quinoa Soup
Lots Of Coupons!