Saturday, July 31, 2010

Thursday's & Saturday's Mail
Thursday I Got.....
~Strangeland Dvd (Free W/ Amazon GC)
~Almost Heroes Dvd (Free W/ Amazon GC)

Saturday I Got....
11 Free 20 oz. Coke Coupons From My Coke Rewards

Friday I Won.....
A Free Sobe Coupon
Wednesday's Mail
Dracula 2000 Dvd (Free W/ Amazon GC)
Free Resse's Coupon

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Tuesday's Mail
Degree Fragrance Sample
Lip Gloss Infallible Product Test
Jump Start Get Moving Family Fitness Wii Game Product Test

Monday's Mail
$20 In Walmart GC
Shampoo/Conditioner For Product Test
Dvd 2-Pack O & Monster's Ball Free W/ Amazon GC
Friday's Mail
25 Photos Free From Walgreens
The Rules Of Attraction Dvd (Free W/ Amazon GC)
Point Of No Return Dvd (Free W/ Amazon GC)
The Good Girl Dvd (Free W/ Amazon GC)
Walled In Blu Ray (Free W/ Amazon GC)
Red Mist Blu Ray (Free W/ Amazon GC)
Magazines (US, Entertainment Weekly, Shape)
With Coupons And Overages I Got The Following
Items Completely Free!!!
3 Free Sobe
2 Pace Salsas (Pico De Gallo & Salsa Verde) Which got me $2.80 In Overages
Which with a $1.00 Off coupon, Got my popcorn completely Free!
Wednesday I Won
1 FPC for Sobe

Tuesday I Won....
1 FPC for Sobe

Monday, July 26, 2010

Got A Free $10 Amazon Gift Card!!!
Ordered Almost Heroes
& Dracula 2000

My Instant Win Notifications

Thursday, July 22, 2010

With Coupons I Got The Following For Free....
~6 Packs Of Orbit Gum
~2 Sobe Lifewaters

Today's Mail
Email: $5.5o In Amazon GC's
Today (Wednesday) I Got......
$30 In Amazon Gift Cards
Salvage Blu-Ray (Free W/Amazon GC)

Tuesday I Got The Following....
2 Paint Samples
Personalized Pen
The Year Without A Santa Claus (Free W/Amazon GC)
The Runaways (Free W/Amazon GC)

Monday I Got.....
Entertainment Weekly Mag
Propel Sample w/ coupon
Disturbing Behavior Dvd (Free W/ Amazon GC)
Scary Movie 2 Dvd (Free W/ Amazon GC)

Monday I Went Shopping
& With Coupons I Got
The Following Items For Free!!!

~5 Bottles Of Sobe Lifewater
~3 Packs Of Orbit Wintermint

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Today In The Mail I Got......
Caveman's Valentine Dvd (Free w/ Paypal Cash)
1 Turkey Snack Stick
1 Evolution Dvd (Free w/ Amazon Gc)

Today I Got......
2 Got2B Hairsprays ($10.98 Value)

Today I Got.....
3 DiGiorno Deep Dish Italian Pizzas ($7.50 Value)
1 Sobe Life Water ($1.00 Value)

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Today In The Mail I Got....
1 Free Old Wisconsin Turkey Stick
Urban Legends Final Cut (Free W/ Amazon Gc)

Playing IWG'S
Won a FPC For Sobe

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

I Won An $10 Amazon Gift Card

I Have Won The Sobe Instant Win Game 3 Times this past week!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Monday I Got.....
Insomnia (Dvd Free W/ Amazon Gift Cards)
Scary Movie (Dvd Free W/ Amazon Gift Cards)
Edtv (Dvd Free W/ Amazon Gift Cards)
Skin Walkers (Dvd Free W/ Amazon Gift Cards)
The Virgin Suicides Free w/ Survey Points
Lots Of Coupons (2 Free Pizza Coupons, Various Others)
1 Trial Bag Of Dog Food
Lots Of Small Samples (2 Shaving Cream, 1 all, 1 cottonelle, 1 nivea)
These Past Few Days I Have Got The Following....
Magazines (Us Weekly, Marie Claire)
Lots Of Dvd's Free w/ Amazon Gift Cards
~Playing By Heart
~The Princess Diaries
~Overnight Delivery
~The In Crowd
~The Suburbans
~Teaching Mrs. Tingle
~Together Again For The First Time
I got the following items free...
3 20oz Diet Cokes ($4.78)
1 Crackerfuls ($2.59)

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

My Mail Today Consisted Of The Following....
2 Free Digorno Deep Dish Pizza Coupons
8 Free 20 oz. Coke Coupons
2 Free Pace Coupons
1 Pack Of Dentyne Pure
1 Stick Of Starbucks Via
Practical Magic (Free W/ Amazon Gift Cards)
True Crime (Free W/ Amazon Gift Cards)
The Faculty (Free W/ Amazon Gift Cards)
Species 2 (Free W/ Amazon Gift Cards)
The Crush (Free W/ Amazon Gift Cards)
Down To You (Free W/ Amazon Gift Cards)
Scary Movie 2 (Free W/ Amazon Gift Cards)
Dead End Drive In (Free W/ Amazon Gift Cards)
Storm Of The Century (Free W/ Amazon Gift Cards)
Mask/Son Of The Mask (Free W/ Amazon Gift Cards)
Excess Baggage (Free W/ Amazon Gift Cards)
Reckless+Wild (Free W/ Amazon Gift Cards)
In Dreams (Free W/ Amazon Gift Cards)
Telling You (Free W/ Amazon Gift Cards)
The Wedding Planner (Free W/ Amazon Gift Cards)
What Women Want (Free W/ Amazon Gift Cards)
Big Girls Don't Cry They Get Even (Free W/ Amazon Gift Cards)

I also got all of these items for free with coupons today too!
~3 Diet Cokes ($4.44)
~1 Pace Salsa Verde ($2.67)
~2 DiGiorno Deep Dish Sausage Pizzas ($5.76)
~6 Crystal Light Pure Fitness ($11.82)
That's a total of $24.69 in Freebies!
Got These Items For Free With Free Product Coupons
1 Kraft 100 Calorie Cheese Package ($2.79)
1 KoolAid Fun Fizz ($1.99)
Kraft Homestyle Mac N' Cheese ($2.99)
DiGiorno Deep Dish Sausage Pizza ($2.50)
Deli Fresh Meat ($2.49)
About $13.00+ In Freebies!
Got My Mail That I sent to my Aunt's House On The 4th!
Which Included.....
~Red Gold Tote Bag
~Barbie Fashionista Purse
~Stouffers Oven Mit
~Chex Mix
~All Detergent
~Old Spice Shower Gel
~3 4x6 Pics
~Package Of Free Kraft Coupons
~Free Crackerful
~Zantac Sample
~Prilosec Sample
~Mayo Samples
~Secret Deodorant Sample
~Starbucks Via, Cottonelle & Nivea Samples

This Is What I Have Received in the
mail for the past few days....

6 Crystal Light Samples
2 Crystal Light Coupon Books
1 3-Pack Of Diapers
1 Lotion Sample
1 Cottonelle Sample +Coupons
Tomb Raider Dvd (Free w/ Amazon GC'S)
What Lies Beneath Dvd (Free w/ Amazon GC'S)
Say It Isn't So Dvd (Free w/ Amazon GC'S)
3-Pack Fear, The Watcher & Raising Cain Dvd (Free w/ Amazon GC'S)
Hot Tub Time Machine Dvd (Free w/ Amazon GC'S)
The Crazies Dvd (Free w/ Amazon GC'S)

I Just Won Some Instant Win Games

1 Free Pace Coupon

1 Free Sobe Coupon

Saturday, July 3, 2010

I Got a $20 Amazon Gift Certificate From Valued Opinions Today!