Monday, July 20, 2009

In My Mail Today.....

I thought I would let all my freebie lovers out there know what I received in my mailbox today......

~ Waterproof Shoe Sealant

~ (2) Starbucks Gift Cards for 5.00 Apiece..... (I use these as Christmas Gifts!!!!!)

~ (1) Target Gift Card for 10.00 (Got this through a group) Super excited about it because Coraline Comes out tomorrow on Dvd, now I will pick it up 10.00 dollars cheaper!

~ (3) Free Gatorade Coupons from Walgreen's

~ A couple of travel brochures..... If you can believe it we havent gone on ANY vacation so far this summer!!!!!

So as you can see sometimes you can get some pretty neat things all for free if you keep your eye out for them 8) With my good news comes good news for you, I will be adding more free stuff daily (hopefully) if not weekly!

You Know You Love My Deals!
The Brunette <3

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Thought you would all like to know that!

Have an Amazing Monday!

You Know You Love My Deals
The Brunette


Well, I thought my first blog would be a simple introduction of myself to everyone out there in cyberspace who reads my blog. I am a 20-something woman who loves a good deal. That's what I hope to achieve with my blog, by highlighting what I have received in my mail/email that are freebies!