Saturday, October 29, 2011

$1 Chocolate After Coupon, Free With Survey Check!

Free Bag Of Milky Way Simply Caramel
Originally $3 on sale for $2.49, after coupon $0.99
With Survey Check Free!!!!

Friday's Mail!

Friday I Got.....
Straw Dogs Blu Ray (Free W/Amazon GC $10 Value)
8GB Flash Drive (Won It! Worth at least $15)

Tuesday UPS Order!!!

Tuesday, UPS Brought.....
Faces In The Crowd Blu Ray ($20 Value/Free W/Amazon GC)
Urban Legend Blu Ray ($11.50 Value Free W/Amazon GC)

Tuesday's Mail!!!!

Tuesday's Mail Brought.....
A Package Of KaraAge Seasoning +Recipe Card
$1 Survey Savvy Check

Monday's Mail

Monday I Got....
A Target Beauty Bag Filled W/ Samples
Clif Bar (Peppermint)

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Friday's Mail!

Friday I Got.....
Night Of The Demons On Blu Ray
($9.99 Value For Free W/Amazon GC)

Thursday's Mail 10/20

Thursday I Got....
Freddy Vs. Jason On Blu Ray
For Free W/Amazon GC ($9.39 Value)
I Got Scary Movie 4
For Free On Blu Ray W/Amazon GC'S
($10.99 Value)

Monday, October 17, 2011

Redeemed Warner Rewards Points, Earned Blu Ray For Free!

Redeemed Warner Rewards Points
Got Wedding Singer On Blu Ray For Free!!!!
$9.99 Value!

Spent $20 Survey Check on over $90 Worth Of Clothes!

Got A $20 Survey Check, so I cashed it,
and hit Old Navy's Fall Sale!
New Clothes at up to 75% Off!!!
I Got 4 Shirts & 3 Pairs Of Socks
Original Retail: Over $90!
I Paid after Survey Check: $0!!!

Free Groceries!

Got Some Free Tea While
Grocery Shopping!!!
$2 Value!

Free Lotion From Bath & Body Works!

Got A Free Mini Lotion
From Bath & Body Works!!!!
$3.50 Value!

Sunday, October 16, 2011

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Hi!!!! I love to blog about many things that I love, so feel
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I am a Movie-Buff, and I watch at least 3-5 movies a week!!!
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Thanks everyone for being fans of mine already, and
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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Thursday's Mail

Thursday I Got The Following For Free!!!
Scary Movie on Blu Ray ($11 Value/Free W/ BB Gift Card)

Wednesday's Mail

Wednesday I Got The Following For Free
Twilight Vol. 2 Graphic Novel ($11 Value/Free W/Amazon GC)
The Best Of Me ($13 Value/Free W/Amazon GC)
That's over $24 in Freebies!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Tuesday's Mail!!!!

Tuesday I Got The Following For Free!
True Blood: Tainted Love ($15 Value Free W/Amazon GC)
Terri Blu Ray ($22 Value Free W/Amazon GC)
Horrible Bosses Blu Ray ($25 Value Free W/Amazon GC)
20 Free Pictures From Snapfish ($2 Value)
2 Post It Stickers
Fitness Bar
Cosmopolitan Magazine
$5 Visa Gift Card

Grocery Freebies

Got The Following For Free....
Turkey Dogs ($3 Value)
Vlasic Pickles ($3 Value)
2 Cans Of Ravioli ($2 Value)
4-Pack Dannon Light & Fit ($2 Value)
That's Over $10 In Freebies!!!!

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Over $30 In Freebies At Kohl's!

Got $30 In Kohl's Freebies!!!
Using A Free $10 Card that was sent to me through the mail!
Apt 9 Purple Sandles (Orig $20/ Sale $4)
Skull Gloves (Orig $10/ Sale $6)

Tuesday's Mail!!!!

Tuesday I Got....
Old Fashioned Cotton Candy Kit ($15 Value Free W/ Amazon GC)
Scream 4 Blu Ray Combo Pack ($20 Value Free W/ Amazon GC)
That's Over $35 In Freebies!!!

Mail from Family!!!

My Aunt Dropped Off My Bonus Mail From Her House!!!
I Got....
4 Prilosec Samples
Icy Hot Sample +Coupon
Bounce Coupons
Kind Bar + Coupon
Zantac Sample + Coupon
Suave Samples (Dry Shampoo, Lotion, Body Wash)
Swiffer Duster
John Frieda Shampoo Samples
Caffeine Bumper Sticker
Bic Pen + Coupon
Dove Sample + Coupon
2 McCafe Free Coupons
1 Mars Free Candy Coupon
1 Twix Free Candy Coupon
Swiffer Coupons
Oscar Meyer Franks Free Coupon
Over $21 In Freebies Today!!!!!