Monday, April 29, 2013

Got My Johnsonville Celebration Package!!!! ($20+ Value!)

Got My Johnsonville Celebration Package!!!!
This Package was easily worth $20+
I Got....
3 Masks
1 Shrimp Shopping Tote
Potato Cutting Board
Measuring Spoon
Magnetic Shopping List
Hot Sauce
1 Can Of Tomatoes
1 Apron
Coupons (1 FPC For Johnsonville Sausage, 1 FPC Uncle Ben's Rice, Bogo Spice Coupon, $1 off potatoes & Oil, FPC For Red Gold.)

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Giveaway Post----- FIRST 5---US ONLY (Free 1-Year Subscription to Redbook) ---Got My Redbook House Party Package!!!! (Roughly $300 Value!)

BONUS: First 5 to email me @ with their name & mailing address will get a free 1-yr subscription to Redbook (US Only) Promotion ends 5/2/13 or when I get the first 5, I will try to update ASAP.

UPDATE: ALL GONE--- :) Enjoy your Subscriptions!!! 

Got My Redbook House Party Package the other day!!
It has about $300 worth of products in it!!!
24 1-Yr Redbook Subscriptions
10 Revitalift Miracle Samples
1 Large Reviatalift
10 BB Samples 
10 Shampoo Samples
2 Copies Of The Paris Wife
2 Eye Shadow Pallets
2 Lip Colors
1 Redbook Cosmetic Bag
11 Revlon Nail Colors 
Easily worth $300, more like $400 once you factor all the subscriptions!!!!

Saturday, April 20, 2013

My Amazon Order Arrived!!! ($37.98, Free W/ GCs!!!)

As you can tell by the title and picture above, my order arrived today!!!
I got:
Django Unchained Blu Ray ($22.99 Value)
Gossip Girl Sixth Season ($14.99 Value)
Completely free With Gift Cards! That's a $37.98 Value!

Earth's Best Party Package (Over $50 In Goodies!!!)

Earth's Best is one of the greats when it comes to sending party packages.... 

So I wasn't surprised at how great this package turned out to be!!!
This party package included:
2 Packs of Diapers (Sizes 5 & 6) ($25)
Earth's Best Bowl & Bib ($5+)
2 Larger Pouch Foods ($3)
Wipes ($3)
Some Pamphlets
2 6-Packs of Squeeze Yogurts (Banana & Cherry) ($18)
That's over $50 In Products Completely free for us to throw a great party with!!!

I love Bath & Body Works Outlets!!! Amazing Deals! 90% off!!!!

After Using a $10 Giftcard (I got through survey points for free)  and a
$10 off $30 Survey Coupon (got for free on former receipt)
My Total was just $13.71, for over $137.27 in Original Retail!!!! Over 90% Off!
I love the Outlets!!!!

I Got....

4 Full Size Fragrances 
(Glitter Love Love Love, Mist Love Love Love, Sweet on Paris, Paris Nights)

3 Mini Fragrances
(Love Love Love x2, Sparkling Blackberry Woods)

2 Mini Lotions 
(Scent: Love Love Love x2)

4 Full Size Lotions 
(Love Love Love x2, Paris Amour & Sparkling Blackberry Woods)

If you're counting, that's 13 items for the low price off $13.71--- Original Retail would have been $137.27!!!

Headphones for Just $2.12, Free W/ Survey Cash!

Original Retail was $5.30, After Opening Week Coupon, I got them for just $2.12, But I paid with free Survey cash so they were completely free for me!!! 
Headphones were purchased at Fivebelow (Great store, everything is $5 and under!)

Free W/ $3 In Survey Cash

I got the following Free W/ $3 In Survey Cash
5 Vinyl Decals ($1.25)
3 Press On Nails ($0.75)
1 Kickstart ($1.00)

$0.95 For A Cute Express Wristlet (After $15 off Coupon) (Wristlet #3)

$0.95 For A Cute Express Wristlet (After $15 off Coupon)
How Cute is my new Wristlet, I got a $15.00 Off Anything coupon in the mail, found this adorable wristlet for just $15.90, So After tax it was just $0.95 for me!!! (I have 2 other wristlets that I scored for free and for $0.95 using the same kind of coupons, just different seasons...Links Below...)
Wristlet #2 (Just $0.95)
Wristlet #1 (Free!!!!)

Free Pop! ($3 Value!)

Free Pop!!! (yes, here we call it pop... what's it called in your neck of the woods???--Feel free to comment....)
I got the pop completely free by using two coupons I redeemed via my coke rewards...
This was a $3 Value, completely free!