Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Time Island Blog Post

Time Island is a free internet game that can be played at http://timeisland.tv/?affid=TheBrunettesGuideToGreatDeals Time Island is a game that has you (your character) which you can personalize yourself, on an island and it basically shows whether you can survive on the island during a fragmented period of time......

If you'd like to join me in playing Time Island, please use the following link; http://timeisland.tv/?affid=TheBrunettesGuideToGreatDeals to ensure that anyone who wishes to play will be registered with me.

I personally recommend Time Island to those with patience and those who like to play fun games. I at first had quite a bit of trouble in getting logged into their system and received a few messages, which I have highlighted below. I will definitely come back to this game, it was quite fun, the only thing that I wish for it would be for it to be easier to navigate and enter into the Time Island System.
Like I mentioned above, it is quite hard to get into the site, especially if you have a slower computer, I have DSL internet and a newer computer (Mac) but it still took time, plan accordingly.

The Loading Screen.The Goods that I received to pass out to family and friends.....I can't wait to share Time Island with them, most should get a kick out of it!

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