Saturday, March 30, 2013

My $65 Purchase was completely Free!!!

I Recently got $65 in Free Wal-Mart Gift Cards that I Got for filling out surveys...
I Got everything pictured completely free!!!!
Zombieland Blu Ray 
The Hunchback Of Notre Dame Blu Ray
Red Dawn Blu Ray
Silver Glitter Shoes
That's A Total of $65 in Goodies, that I got completely free! Some days I amaze myself!

Recent Mail

Today's Mail brought lots of Great Items!!!!
I Got....
Us Weekly
Entertainment Weekly
I Also Got My Order
Snow Miser Pop Holiday $6 Value
Amazon Power Fast $20 Value
Down To You Blu Ray $5 Value
Beautiful Girls Blu Ray $5 Value
That's $36 Value, Free W/ Amazon GCs I got for free!

$220+ Worth Of Toys Completely Free!

Thanks to Mommy Parties, I was given this great package. I was originally suppose to be hosting a Barbie party in Feb, but the package never showed. MommyParties came to the Rescue and pieced together a great package that we enjoyed at my home this past Week.

All of the kids loved building the Barbie Mansion and Pool courtesy of Barbie Mega Bloks. After the building was done the girls did some crafts with the great kits that were provided by Creativity for Kids (sea art, headbands kit, fashion bracelets, glitter art) and the boys loved building and customizing the Xtreme Customz Cars that were included in the kit as well courtesy of Xtreme Customz. 

All in all, this package contained about $220 worth of brand new toys!! Thanks again to the distributors for providing great new products and Mommyparties for allowing me to host this Great party with 3 great products!!!

Free Movies W/$3 In Survey Cash!

Free Movies W/$3 In Survey Cash!
I Got....
The Ides Of March
Lovely Molly 
Don't Be Afraid Of The Dark
All for free w/ $3 in Survey Cash!

Matchbox® Heroes Wanted™ Promotion

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

More Fantastic Savings Courtesy Of Blockbuster's Going Out Of Business Sale!

More Fantastic Savings Courtesy Of Blockbuster's Going Out Of Business Sale!
This set of items had an original retail of $43.00, But After the Sale it cost me just $3.20, But I used free cash that I have earned completing survey's so it cost me nothing!

I Got....
3 Pop! Rudolph's $30 Value/$1.50 After Sales
1 Pop! Heat Miser $10 Value/$0.50 After Sales
2 Kazoozles Candies $3.00 Value/$1.20 After Sales

Using Survey Cash I Got All This Free!!! Original Retail $18, I Paid $3 In Survey Cash!

Using Survey Cash I Got All This Free!!! 
Original Retail $18, I Paid $3 In Survey Cash!
I Got....
Darth Vader Bobble $1/Originally $10
4 One-Eyed Cyclops Candies $2/Originally $8
All Free After I used $3 Survey Cash!
Why were they on sale so much????
My local Blockbuster is in the process of going out of business so they are selling a lot of their items from 30%-90% off!

Free Order $30 Value!

I recently got this order from completely for free with GCs I earned...
I Got....
Never Let Me Go Blu Ray $10/Free After GCs
Breaking Dawn Part 2 Blu Ray $20/Free After GCs
That's $30 Worth of Items, Completely Free For Me!

Free Sandals After Survey & $2 Survey Cash!!!

Free Sandals After Survey & $2 Survey Cash!!!
The Sandals Were on sale for $4, I used a Survey, Which knocked them down to $2
and then I paid with Survey Cash, 
So the Sandals Were Completely Free!!!

Free Groceries!!! $14 Value!!!

I Got all of the Groceries Pictured above Completely for free W/ Sales & Coupons!
5 2-Liters
1 TV Dinner
1 Campbell's Go Soup Bag
4 20-oz Pop's
All in All I Got $14 Worth Of Groceries Completely Free!

Recent Mail ($40+ Value!)

I Got my Smiley 360 Campbell's Go Package which contained:
1 Bag Of Soup
Lots Of $2 Off Coupons (At least $5 Value Overall)

My Order:
The Beautiful Creatures Book Series ($35 Value, Free W/Amazon GCs)

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Olay Fresh Effects (Influenster)

I received Fresh Effects complimentary from Influenster

Olay's Va-Va-Vivid system was the fourth item in my Sweetheart vox box, so naturally it will be the fourth and final item to be reviewed from my Vox Box that I got courtesy of Influenster and all the distributors that gave their products to us to be reviewed. 

I have always wanted a cleansing system but have always managed not to be able to scrape together the funds for the expensive systems. Now while I got this system completely free, it is a system that I would have been able to afford and would have purchased if I hadn't received it for free. This system retails for anywhere from $12-$15 and is available at pretty much any major retailer. I have linked above if you are interested in purchasing one for yourself. 

This system cleansed my face and was a great surprise at how well it did so. I was pleased with the results and I have raved about it to anyone who will listen so I definitely recommend this product to my readers and anyone who is looking for a system to cleanse their faces and t-zones. 

Just wanted to say thanks again for this great product. It was a great surprise to get this in my Sweetheart Vox Box and I was definitely pleased with how reasonable it is to own it if you have to purchase it yourself.

"Skinnygirl Daily On-The-Go Bars" (Influenster)

I received this product complimentary from Influenster
Skinnygirl Daily on-the-go bars were the third item in my Sweetheart vox box. It is also the third item from the box that I am going to review on my blog. I got a free bar that was Blueberry Greek Yogurt flavored and it was delicious. I ended up eating it on the go, while heading into work for the morning 5:30 am shift. 
It was a delicious treat and something that I really didn't expect coming from a bar that totes some great benefits to it. It is a bar that I have since purchased and enjoyed numerous times since and I definitely recomend this product to my readers.  I have only tried the Blueberry Greek since, but I am trying to get into more flavors soon. If I find different flavors, I will be sure to update you all and let you know which flavors are the best.

"Not Your Mother's® She's a Tease™ Volumizing Hair Spray" (Influenster)

I Received a Trial Sample complimentary from Influenster
I was thrilled in getting a vox box this Valentine's Day. This is the second product that I am going to review from the package. I loved that this was a trial sample of a hair spray because I love traveling with my products. This sample was large enough to contain enough spray for me to use numerous times and I didn't have to lug around a full size container. Not Your Mother Product's can be found at pretty much any Wal-mart and many other retailers. I enjoyed that the product maintained hold and style all day long, even when I was constantly on the go. 
I definitely reccomend Not Your Mother's hair care line to all of my readers since I was so pleased with the results myself. It is a comparable product to many others on the market and has a great reputation as a fantastic hair care product.  

Secret Clinical Strength Stress Response (Influenster)

Secret Clinical Strength Stress Response (Influenster)

I was lucky enough to score a Vox Box for the second time with Influenster. I got some great products and I will eventually be highlighting each item that was in the Sweethearts box. First I would like to highlight Secret's Clinical Strength Stress Response. I love Secret's deodorants even before trying this one out. Needless to say, I now have a new favorite. I work out and I love this deodorant I feel protected and OK to go the extra mile, I also work the shipment team occasionally at work and this is definitely helpful then too.  I recommend everyone of my readers to at least try this product for themselves. Occasionally you will see Secret putting out coupons or samples, I have included their website above. Check them out!

 I received this deodorant complimentary from Influenster.