Thursday, March 20, 2014

My Completely Free Amazon Order ($50+ Retail Value)

Monday I Got my order it has a retail Value of over $50 but cost me not a penny after using free gift cards I've received. I got the following;

1 30 Pack Sunchips
1 24 Pack Orange Airheads
1 24 Pack Pink Lemonade Airheads
Catching Fire on Blu Ray!

Free Groceries!!! $29.07 Retail Value!

Using Coupons at Kroger (I love Kroger!) I saved 100%!!!! 
I Got the Following, a $29.07 Value Completely Free! 

3 Snickers
5 Milky Ways
1 Twix
3 Powdered Coffee Mates
1 4-Pack of South Beach Shakes

Free Pocketbac from Bath & Body Works! $1.75 Value!

Using a coupon I was sent in the mail, I Got a free Pocketbac from Bath & Body Works In Pink Diamond, I definitely recommend the scent! $1.75 Value, Free after coupon.

Recent Mail

Recently I Got this South Beach Diet Package; it Included:
1 FPC for South Beach Smoothies
3 Snack Bars 
Lots of Coupons!

Target Spring Preview Voxbox Charles Worthington London ($24 Value!)

 Target in conjunction with Influenster (Comment with an email address, and I can email you an invite---- I have 5) sent me this Voxbox to show the lucky 700 that got picked for this box what Target will be offering this spring when it comes to health and beauty. There were about 12 brands that were sending products out from Crest to Charles Worthington London Hair (What I Got!) 

I Got Charles Worthington London Secrets Collection Volume and Bounce Instant Amplifying Volume Treatment I posted the link to Target's information on the product if you'd like to buy it or look into it yourself (however it is currently not available in stores or online...) 

I was pleased to be able to try this complementary and give all of you my opinions on this product. I was very happy that this product is ideal for all hair types. I have quite thick hair so most of the times products like this just weigh my hair down and don't do too much to help it. I have to say that I enjoyed this product and thought it did it's job very nicely. It gave my hair volume without adding weight and made my hair appear to have a nice shape and hold all day too without reapplying. I have to say that this may be a new product that I will be using in the future. I think that a tube of this product will last about 4-6 months even if I use it daily which is another plus. Less having to run out and buy more all the time. Thanks again to Target and Influenster. Be sure to drop me a comment if you want me to email you an invite to influenster, all I need is an email address and I will shoot an invite to the first five. Thanks for listening guys!

Monday, March 10, 2014

My Recent Mail/ Grocery Trips!

 Recently I Got....
3 FPCs For Snickers
2 FPCs For Aquafina
1 FPC For A Pocketbac
 I Also Got an Envelope to throw A Fresh Express Party with 8 FPCs!
 Got some free groceries;
2 Coke's
2 Yoplait Yogurts
1 Lifeway 4-Pack of Yogurts
6 Snickers Bars
Over $12 Worth of Groceries, completely free!
 I got 7 FPCs for Snickers!
and a Sample of Tums
 4 More FPCs for Snickers!
 Picked up 7 Free Snickers! $5+ Value!
 Got Some more completely free groceries, 
3 Aquafina Flavorsplashes
4 Snickers Bars
$5+ Value!
Using Coupons & Kroger's Free Product Friday I Got The Following Pictured for just $2.09.
1 Crisp Bar (Free Product Friday)
1 South Beach Meal Bars (Free Product Friday)
1 Powerade Zero (Free W/ Coupon)
4 Silk Yogurts ($0.76 For 4)
1 Minute Maid ($1.33 After Coupon)

$35 Amazon Order Free!

Using Free Gift Cards I Got....
Nurse Jackie Season Five
Completely Free Over $35 Value!

Free Groceries! $7 Value!

Using Coupons & Kroger's Free Product Friday's I Got the following items completely free!
3 Powerade Zero's (Free W Coupons)
Oikos Yogurt (Free Product Friday)
Rev Wrap (Free Product Friday)
True Fruit Cup (Free Product Friday)

Jadore Vox Box! $25+ Value!

So thrilled that I was chosen for another Vox Box, I am in love with these things and all the great products I have discovered since becoming a member of Influenster. 

This was the Jadore Voxbox that was created especially for Valentine's Day
The Box Included;

Red Rose Tea
Kiss Eye Lashes
John Freda Frizz Ease
Hershey Kisses 
Boot Botanics Mud Mask

I have had the chance to try all the products since receiving the box and I am thrilled to let you, my readers know what I thought about each item. 

The Red Rose Tea, while I love tea; I tend to be a cold tea drinker so I brewed these up and added lots of ice to have a delicious cup of caramel tea, I also tried the lemon as well. Both were delicious and I actually preferred the lemon to the caramel though. I definitely would try this product again.  This product retails around $4 a box.

The Kiss Eye Lashes were something I normally would not buy for myself. I already have long lashes, so I don't normally have a need for the fakes, I did try these though and enjoyed the thickness that it added to my full lashes, definitely something to remember on nights when I want to go out. This Product retails around $3.

The John Freda Frizz Ease was a product that I had seen previously in stores before getting it in the box. I was very excited to try it and was quite pleased with the results. I tend to have a small problem with frizz, and this took care of the trick, and I saw the results last for days. This product retails anywhere from $12-$15.

Who hasn't had Hershey Kisses??? I was so happy when I opened my vox box and saw these right front and center. It was a family sized bag and I was able to share with lots of family and friends so everyone was able to get their chocolate fix on courtesy of me and Influenster. These are delicious, and the family sized bag retails around $5.

Finally there was the Boots Botanics Mud Mask. This mask was really nice and it felt good and took off a lot of the days buildup and such off my face. I was very pleased with the results and this is a mask that I look forward to using. It was gentle on my skin, and made it look very fresh and clean!

This Voxbox was great. I was very happy to have been able to get it and try all these products. I ended up liking and loving each and everyone of them. Again, thanks to influenster and all the brands that were included in this great Voxbox.

Bzz Agent Tone Package $4 Value!

Bzz Agent Sent me a free Tone Body Wash Along with some coupons to share in exchange for my thoughts on the product. I was thrilled to be able to try a brand I had never used yet and was thrilled with my results. I have really dull and dry winter skin, I have to say that this helped out the dullness and dryness of my skin. I was very pleased with how well this product helped that winter problem of mine. 

I have found Tone at all my local retailers for around $4-$5 dollars. Check out this brand for yourself if you are in the market for a new body wash!

I was given this product complementary in exchange for my opinions, all opinions are my own.

Valentine's Bath & Body Works Deal! $28 Value!

On Valentine's Day Bath & Body Works offered a Free Mad About You Spray with any purchase. 
I bought 2 sanitizers, and got two sprays completely free! This was a $28.00 Value, and I spent under $4 between the two trips!