Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Love these MJ Masks!!!!

I love the Masks that MJ makes, these masks are simply fantastic! I notice such a difference after I use one. I try to make it a weekly occurrence. I was sent these masks so I could tell you all if I like them or not. I have to say that these masks are simply great. I truly enjoyed each and everyone of them. I know in my area you can purchase these the cheapest at our local Ulta. If you are interested in trying one for yourself, go their first since they are right by the checkouts easy to find in a flash. I have so many, because I stocked up right before Christmas when my Ulta had them on a 5 for $5 sale, which is a steal for these masks.

Kroger Summer Favorites Bzz Agent Campaign

Kroger Summer Favorites Bzz Agent Campaign
I was lucky enough to get another Bzz Campaign Recently, another Kroger one. I was able to choose Mild or Bold, I choose Mild and got the following sent to me completely free to try and discuss with friends and family;
2 Chip Clips
Coupons for Various Kroger Products
1 Honey Mustard and Onion Pretzel Pieces
1 Guacamole Rolled Tortilla Chips
Thanks again to Bzz Agent and Kroger for choosing me for this campaign, I really enjoy being able to share my experiences with my friends and family and share new products with all of my readers as well. Check these products out at your Local Kroger store or Kroger Family of stores.

Bic Soleil Bzz Agent Campaign

I was lucky enough to score this campaign recently and try Bic Soleil Razors completely free! I love Bic and was pleased to be able to try a new product that I hadn't used before. I really enjoyed this product and will definitely be using it in the future. I had a great time handing out the coupons to friends and family as well. Thanks Again to Bic and Bzz Agent!

Just $4.38 For All This!

I went shopping with coupons and spent just $4.38 on all this!
8 Packs of Dixie Plates $4.38
2 Packs of Cookies Free

Dixie House Party!

Dixie House Party Package!
Loved getting this package, I had a great time hosting this party for such a great product, I know what plates I will be using throughout the summer party season! Thanks again Dixie!

Got These Groceries Free W/ Coupons!

 I Got The following, completely free using coupons!
3 Fast Breaks
1 Liberte Yogurt

Got This Order Completely Free From Amazon $75+ Value

Got This Order Completely Free From Amazon $75+ Value

Vita Coco Party Package $50 Value!

 I was able to Host A Vita Coco For Kids Party, and I got the following in my package;
10 Boxes of Vita Coco $40 Value
Coupons for $2 OFF
Glass Tumbler
2 Vita Coco On The Go in Lemonade
Thanks guys for the great package! I had lots of fun sharing it!

Just $0.58 At Bath & Body Works!

I Spent Just $0.58 At Bath & Body Works!
I Got 1 Full Size Spritz and 1 Pocket Bac Protector!

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Lots Of Groceries for Under $5!!!
1 Orange Juice $1
2 Powder Creamers Free
2 Sugars Free
2 Packs of Crackers $4
11 Candy Bars Free!