Friday, December 30, 2011

Snacks & Movies Completely Free With Survey Cash! ($23 Value!)

Had an FPC for Popcorn & Paid $1 for Buncha Crunch W/ Survey Cash
Then..... I got 8 Movies for $22 at my Local Video Store!!!
The Reef $5
I Love You Phillip Morris $2
Prey $2
Savage County $2
Accused At 17 $2
Hobo With A Shotgun $5
Choose $2
Brother's Justice $2
All Free W/ Survey Cash!!!

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Tuesday's Mail!!!!

Tuesday I Got.....
4 FPC For 20 oz Cokes
4 FPC For Fancy Feast (Gave Away)
$23 In Checks (Look Above to post above to See what I bought!)
Premonition On Blu Ray Brand New!(Free W/ $6 Amazon GC)

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Love Horror Movies/ Free W/ Amazon GC'S

Got the following Blu Rays for free after using free Amazon GC
My Soul To Take Blu Ray ($7 Value)
Straw Dogs Blu Ray ($20 Value)
That's A $27 Value Completely Free!

Old Navy Freebies W/ Groupon Bonus

Got These 2 Shirts completely for free after
using my Groupon bonus.
Retail Value $30 Sale Price $10 After Bonus $0
Got The Descent On Blu Ray Completely Free
After Using Free Amazon GC ($7 Value!)

Went Krogering And Got Free Groceries!!!!

Got The following for Free while shopping at Kroger....
5 Oral-B Flossers ($10 Value)
2 Acai Berry Drinks ($6 Value)
1 Doughnut Holes ($1 Value)
1 PopSecret Popcorn ($3 Value)
1 Cheese Chunk ($3 Value)
$23 Value, Completely Free!
Got Fright Night On Blu Ray
Free W/ Amazon GC ($23 Value!)

Free With Survey Checks!

Got Resident Evil On Blu Ray Free With Survey Cash
$7.00 Value!

Free Drinks!!!

Using Coupons + Sales I got the Following For Free!
3 Sparkling Lemon 1-Liter Waters ($3 Value)
1 Diet Coke 20 oz ($1.50 Value)
3 2-Liter Diet Cokes ($4.50 Value)

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Free Christmas Presents!!!! (Courtesy Of Work!!!)

I Got The Following Christmas Present From Work.....
1 Bottle Of B&BW White Citrus ($10.50 Value)
$10 Famous Dave's Cards
$15 Gift Card To F.Y.E.
$35 Gift Card To Old Navy
$70 Value
With The Gift Cards I Got The Following.....
6 Old Navy Apparel Items
1 Hello Kitty Waterbottle
Edward Scissorhands Blu Ray
Final Destination Blu Ray

Which Retails at $139.24, but after Sales & Gift Cards.....
I paid just $6.05!!!!

November House Party Rewards

November House Party Rewards Were Awesome!!!
We Were Rewarded With......
Carnival Island ($30 Value)
Medieval Moves ($30 Value)
Move Demo Disk!!!!

Love Free/Cheap Hallmark Ornaments!

Got This Grinch Ornament for just $3.24 after Free Mailer GC
Then Paid with survey Check money so it was completely free!!!

Got Peeps???? Yes, I Do!!!!

Check out My Great Deal!!!!
I Got 8 Peeps Christmas Treats
Completely Free Using
Coupons & Sales!!!
$12 Value!

Friday, December 9, 2011

Tuesday UPS Order!!! $52 Value/ Free With Amazon GC~!

Got the following movies for free on Tuesday
After Using my Amazon GC!

I Got.....
Welcome Home Rosco Jenkins ($.99 Brand New, Black Friday Deal)
Doom ($.99 Brand New, Black Friday Deal)
Mimic Blu ray ($4.99, Black Friday Deal)
The Help Blu Ray Combo ($25.00 Value)
The Hangover Blu Ray Combo ($20.00 Value)

Beauty Buy Deals!!!! $16 Value, Just $3.98!

Got the following Beauty Items at a great price!!
Victoria's Secret Love Spell Lotion $2 (After $10 Discount)
2 Peppermint Baby Lips ($7 Value/$1.98 After Coupons)

Grocery Freebies!!! $43 Value!

I Got the following for free from Kroger
2-Pack Bounty ($5)
3 Oral-B Flossers ($6)
Schick Hydro Shaver ($7)
I also got....
A bottle Of Ice Mountain Sparkling Water $1 Value Free
Finally, I Got.....
Private Selection Pizza ($5)
Private Selection Lava Cakes ($6)
Private Selection Chicken Trumpets ($7)
3 Oral-B Flossers ($6)

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Recent Mail......

During this Past Week I Got....
FPC For Pepperridge Farms
$4 Rewards to Hallmark
$10 off Purchase Victoria's Secret
Miracle on 34th Street Blu Ray Free w/ GC $15.99
The Polar Express Blu Ray Free w/GC $12.99
A Christmas Story Blu Ray Free w/ GC $11.49

This Mail totals $60 In Freebies!!!

Tuesday UPS Order!!!

Tuesday I Got The Following In The Mail....
My Amazon Order $39.98 Value
Completely Free W/GC

30 Minutes or Less (Shot In Michigan!) $19.99
Our Idiot Brother $19.99

Got This Blu Ray For Free Using Survey Cash

Black Friday I Picked Up
The Dark Knight on Blu Ray
For $5, Free W/ Survey Cash
Retail Value $20!!!

Free Christmas Presents!!!!

Got 3 Love's Baby Soft Perfumes
Completely Free!!!! Using Coupons
$6 Value

$16 In Snacks For Just $2!

Recently, I Got $16 In Snacks For Just $2!
3 Bags Of Kettle Chips For Free/Normally $9
Huge Box Of Goldfish $2.00/Normally $7

$11 In Snacks For $1.20!

Recently, I Got Some Yummy Snacks For Almost 90% off
using coupons & Sales!!!

2 Goldfish $1.20/Normally$5.00
2 PopSecret Free!/ Normally $6.00

Yay Free Candy!!!!!!

While On A Lunch Break
I Swung By Walgreens and
got the following completely free
With Coupons & Overages!!!!!

6 Packs Of Orbit Gum Retails $9/Free!!!
Russell Stover Maple Cream Santa $.59/Free

Yay For Free Candy!!!!!

12/3/11 Mail

Saturday I Got.....
2 FPC For Azteca Tortillas & Shells

Free Hallmark Gremlin Keepsake $14 Value

After Rewards, Coupons & $3 In Survey Cash.....
I Got this awesome Hallmark Keepsake For Free!!!!
$14 Value

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Friday's Mail! (11/25)

Friday I Got.....
2 FPC For Kettle Chips
1 FPC For PopSecret Popcorn

Claritin Package/ Bzz Agent Kroger Package/ Fireflyz Package/ Mail

Wednesday I Got the following in the mail.....
Claritin Package (Samples, 2 Full Size Products, Disc, Bottle, Bag, Mini Bags, Purple Fireflyz) $35+ Value
Private Selection Bzz Agent Kroger Package (3 FPC) $2 Off Coupons, Oven Mit $15+ Value
Fireflys Package (2 Fireflyz-$20 Value)
FPC for PopSecret Popcorn
Snapfish Photobook $15 Value

Thanks Mommy Parties & Oral B!!!!

Check out the party package that Oral B
And Mommy Parties Sent!!!! With this
package, we had a fantastic party on
November 19, 2011.....

We Enjoyed the Movie (Cars 2) and the kids were
excited about all the free loot that they got to take home
(Toothbrush, Toothpaste, Flossers, Vitamins, Balloons)
The popcorn & boxes were a hit too!!!!

Thanks again!!!
We really enjoyed this package,
you were MORE than generous,
since the package had a value of at least $65!!!!!

Please let me know, when there is another party
I can host for you all, I am more than
ready to party again!!!!

Friday, November 18, 2011

Mail for the past week....

Wednesday I Got.....
2 FPC For Kettle Chips
$3 Pinecone Check
Thursday I Got....
October's House Party PS3 Package
Everybody Dance Game
Over $60 Value!
Monday I Got.....
Jingle All The Way Blu Ray ($15 Value/Free W/ Amazon GC)
Target Order (Lip Balm/Free W/Coupon Code/Gift Card)
$2 Check From Survey Savvy
Bzz Agent Package Cookies & Coupons!
Monday I Also Got....
Stevia Party Package
Boxes Of Stevia
Tea Bags
Over $20 Worth Of Products!
Thursday I Went Krogering!!!!
I Got $21 Worth of Groceries for $1.98 (Paid .99 for each Orange Juice)
I Got.....
2 Bags of Kettle Chips $6 Value/Free
1 Bag of Ruffles $4 Value/Free
Deluxe Ice Cream $3 Value/Free
1 Box Of Cookies $3 Value/Free
2 Orange Juices $6 Value/$1.98 Paid

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Another Great Deal From Kohl's!

Wednesday I went to Kohl's, I Got
The ornament above for just $1.75 after using
my $10 Pre-Christmas Gift Card which was sent to me
in the mail absolutely for free!!!!

I love the Polar Express, so this was an
amazingly cool thing to get, and at such a
low price too!

Thursday's Mail

Today I Got.....this in the mail!
2 Big Bottles Of TREsemme Shampoo
($8 Value/Free For Me!)

Free Waterbottle!

Got this awhile back and
just snapped a picture of it.
It was completely free!

Tuesday's Mail!!!!

Tuesday I got the following for free in the mail..
Cosmopolitan (Dec.)
Kerry Gold FPC
Rachael Ray Dog Food Sample
The Change-Up Blu ray combo pack ($20 Value/Free W/ Amazon GC)

Free Drinks! $12 Value

I Got all of these drinks completely free
with coupons and sales!
3 Gold Peak Teas $3/Free
6 Diet Cokes $9/Free!

.10 Meat Stick!

Got a $5 Free Coupon on my
Mperks Card, so I bought this Hickory Stick
($5.10 Value)
Cost me just $.10!

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Thursday's Mail

Today I Got....
Elf on Blu Ray ($9.50 Value/ Free W/ Amazon GC)

Tuesday's Mail!!!!

Tuesday I Got....
Water For Elephants (Blu Ray $22 Value/Free W/ Amazon GC)
Crazy Stupid Love (Blu Ray $25 Value/ Free W/ Amazon GC)

Toys For Tots Donations $15 Spent For Over $250 In Merchandise!

Catching Sales and using coupons can net some great deals.
I love to donate to Toys for Tots, but being a Full-Time College
Student, working Minimum wages leaves little behind to share,

So I hunt......(So does my family, here's our donate piles so far!)

My Family & I have spent just $15,
for more than $250 (regular retail) in Merchandise!!!

Plus, we got 2 Free Tombstone Pizzas doing a Hasbro Deal,
Which is about $8 Retail for free!

My Free Target Order!

Got The Following For Free
With A Target Gift Card/ Really Good Coupon Code
$7 Value!

Saturday, October 29, 2011

$1 Chocolate After Coupon, Free With Survey Check!

Free Bag Of Milky Way Simply Caramel
Originally $3 on sale for $2.49, after coupon $0.99
With Survey Check Free!!!!

Friday's Mail!

Friday I Got.....
Straw Dogs Blu Ray (Free W/Amazon GC $10 Value)
8GB Flash Drive (Won It! Worth at least $15)