Thursday, May 31, 2012

Free Loreal Gift For Filling Out Surveys

I Got My Free Beauty Product From L'oreal for filling out surveys....
I Got....
Kiehl's Midnight Recovery Concentrate ($44 Value/Completely Free!)

$1.00 For $9.00 Worth Of Light Bulbs!

With Coupons I Got....
4 3-Packs Of Energy Smart CFL Bulbs ($1.00/ For $9.00 Worth Of Product!)

Thursday, May 24, 2012

$21.09 Value/ Free W/ Amazon GCs

I Got.....
30-Pack Of Sour Punch Ropes ($10.20 Value/Free W/Amazon GCs)
3 9-Packs Of Jack Link's Beef Sticks ($10.89 Value/Free W/Amazon GCs)

$0.68 for $10.68 Value!

On A Lunch Break I went Freebie Shopping and Got....
2 3-Packs Of Lightbulbs $0.50/$4.50 Value
6 Cutter Candles $0.18/$6.36 Value

Monday's Mail

Monday I Got...
 New Years Eve on Blu Ray ($10.50 Value/ Free W/ Amazon GCs)

More Movie Mail!!

I also recently got.....
Life As We Know It Blu Ray ($5.29 Value/ Free W/ Survey Cash)
27 Dresses Blu Ray ($6 Value/Free W/Amazon GCs)

Recent Mail

I Recently Got The Following Blu Rays in the mail
during Best Buy's Sale....

He's just not that into you ($5.29 Value/Free W/ Ebay Cash)
Hereafter ($5.29 Value/Free W/ Ebay Cash)
Valentine's Day ($5.29 Value/Free W/ Ebay Cash)
$3 Check From Pinecone Research

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Friday's Mail Part 3 (Claritin Madagascar Movie Viewing Party)

Friday After My Mail & Amazon Package I Got Another Package.....
It Was My Claritin Madagascar Movie Viewing Package!
It included......
Lots of Claritin Samples (Children + Regular)
Pamphlets + Instructions W/ Recipes 
Madagascar Stickers
Popcorn Boxes
2 Large Products (Pills/Liquid Children's Claritin)
Madagascar 1&2 On DVD!
A Fantastic Pack which lead to a fantastic party this friday night!!!!
We all had a great time, and the samples are all gone!!!
Everyone wants to see Madagascar 3 Now!!!
Thanks Claritin & All those at BSM Media!!! 

"As a member of the Children's Claritin Mom Crew, I receive product samples and promotional items to share and use as I see fit. No monetary compensation has taken place and any opinions expressed by me are honest and reflect my actual experience."

Friday's Mail Part 2

After My Amazon Package, I Got My Mail.....
My Sobe Bzz Agent Package
Which Included......
1 Sobe Life Water 
1 FPC & 5 $0.50 Off Coupons
Sobe Lip Balm
I also got.....
2 $3 Survey Checks

Friday's Mail

Friday I Got....
Gremlins 2 Blu Ray ($15 Value/Free W/Amazon GCs)
True Blood Vol. 3 Graphic Novel ($17 Value/Free W/Amazon GCs)
The Vow Blu Ray ($23 Value/Free W/Amazon GCs)
That's A $55 Value!!!! 

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Tuesday Mail Continued......

After I Got My Mail On Tuesday My Aunt 
Dropped Off My Mail From Her House
I Got.....
Target Beauty Bag +Samples
Bayer Aspirin +Coupon
Fancy Feast Pouch
MiO Lemonade
$8 Off Razor Refills Coupon
2 Free International Delight Coupons
Free Kraft Fresh Taste Coupons
Free Good N' Natural Coupon
Free Starbucks Drink Coupon

Tuesday's Mail

Tuesday I Got....
Bayer Aspirin +Coupon
$3 Survey Check

Monday's Mail ($8.50 Value)

Monday I Got.....
It Takes Two Dvd ($8.50 Value/Free W/ Amazon GCs)

Just $1.12 for over $22+ in Groceries!!!

I spent Just $1.12 Out Of Pocket After Coupons!
For over $22+ In Groceries
2 International Delights ($0.60/$8.00)
Ruffles (Free/$4.00)
Bounty 2-Pack (Free/$4.50)
2 Bayer 32 Count ($0.52/$5.50)

Free W/ Payless Cinco De Mayo Promotion

With A $5 Promo For Cinco De Mayo I Got.....
Brash Metal Bow Headband ($3/FREE!)
2 Nail Polishes ($2/FREE!)

Saturday's Mail!

Saturday I Got.....
2 Bayer Products +Coupons
2 FPC For Iced Coffee Half Gallons
Dr. Jekyll/Mr. Hyde Book ($1.50/Free W/ Amazon GCs)
Clueless Blu Ray ($11.99/Free W/Amazon GCs)
Popcorn Bags ($5.00/Free W/Amazon GCs)

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Friday's Mail!!!

Friday I Got.....
P&G Sample Pack (Diapers, Coupons, Prilosec, Wipes)
Target Beauty Bag Filled With Samples & Coupons
Stella Artois Chalice (Won In Contest)
Mercy Complete Series ($5.99 Value/Free W/ Survey Cash)

Free Wallet W/ Clearance Sale +$3.88 In Survey Cash!

Found A Wallet I've been watching go on clearance at Target!!!!
Got it for 70% Off!!!
The Wallet Was Originally $12.99 I Paid $3.88 
But it was free, because I used Survey Cash to pay for it!!!

Free Pretzel Crisps!! ($2.69 Value)

With Coupon I Got.....
A Bag Of Everything Pretzel Crisps ($2.69/ FREE!)

Friday, May 4, 2012

Thursday's Mail!!!!

Loved Thursday's Mail!!! I Got.....
Kroger Valued Shopper Coupon Pack (2 FPCs, Lots Of Cents Off....)
1 Mother's Day Card 
2 FPC For New SoftLips 
Bridewars Blu Ray ($5.25 Value/Free W/Amazon GCs)
Jennifer's Body Blu Ray ($6 Value/Free W/Amazon GCs)
Both Included Digital Copies that weren't redeemed!!!! :)

Free Kroger Groceries!!!! $10 Value!

 At Kroger I Got....
Free Craisins ($3)
Free Zone Bar ($1)
6 Free Powerades ($6)

Wednesday's Mail

Wednesday I Got....
Drag Me To Hell Blu Ray ($6 Value/Free W/Amazon GCs)
VitaCost Order (Burt's Bees Balm & Scrub) 
$13.33 Value/$3.33 After Discount/Free After Survey Cash

Tuesday's Mail

Tuesday I Got.......
2 Target Beauty Bags Filled W/ Samples & Coupons
Four Christmases Blu Ray ($5 Value/Free W/ Amazon GCs)
Fred Claus Blu Ray ($5 Value/Free W/ Amazon GCs)