Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Tuesday UPS Order!!!

Tuesday UPS Brought Me....
The Texas Chainsaw Massacre Remake On Blu Ray
($9 Value/ Free W/Amazon GCs)

Tuesday's Mail!!!!

Tuesday I Got....
$3 Survey Check
Chrysler Tumbler (Won In Giveaway)

Free w/ $2 Survey Cash!

Got This For $2 (Free W/Survey Cash)
The Twilight Zone (Remake Series)

Saturday's Mail

Saturday I Got....
The Hole Dvd ($4.41 Value/Free W/Amazon GCs)
Pearl Coffee Drink From Kikoman (YUMMY!)

Wednesday's UPS Delivery (Free/With Amazon GCs)

$29.29 Value/Free W/Amazon GCs
Care Bears Wall Clock ($13.96)
Can't Hardly Wait Blu Ray ($11.49)
Party Of Five Season 1 ($3.84)

Recent Mail......

Last Week I Got These Items.... All For Free!
Venus Razor
2 Hello Kitty Bags (1 Framed) Free w/ $0.06 Survey Cash!
Drive Blu Ray ($20/Free W/Amazon GC)
The Rum Diaries ($19/Free W/Amazon GC)

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

All This Free!!! Original Retail $22.50!!

By Combining Coupons & Clearance
I Got All Of The Items Pictured Completely Free!!!
Original Retail on all items is $22.50!
3 Mars Items ($0.68/Free W/Coupon+$0.82 Overage)
3 Chocolate Hearts ($0.30/Free W/Overages)
1 4X6 Photo Frame ($0.49/Free W/Overage)
Laffy Taffy ($0.99/Free W/$1.00 Off Coupon)
2 4-Packs Of Activia ($4.00/Free W/Coupons)

Love Combining Clearance W/ Coupons!!! Just $0.02 For All This, Original Value $17.50

Love Combining Clearance W/ Coupons!!!
Just $0.02 For All This, Original Value $17.50
$1.50 Worth of Mars Candy W/$4.50 Off in Coupons,
Gave me overages to pick up the Star Wars, Froggie & Hello Kitty Sets
For an OOP Total of Just $0.02!!!

$3 Survey Cash Purchases ($10 Value)

With Sales & $3.00 Survey Cash I Got all these items for free!
4 M&Ms ($1.20)
1 King Size Crunch ($0.60)
1 Tink Headband ($0.30)
1 Pack Of Hair Ties ($0.30)
1 Movie Theater Box Of Life Saver Gummies ($0.30)
1 Mini Frame ($0.30)
Original Value $10.00

Free Groceries $13 Value

Got The Following For Free W/ Coupons!
$13 Value!
5 Packets Of Kool Aid ($1 Value/Free w Kroger IWG coupon)
1 Gatorade ($1 Value/Free w Kroger IWG coupon)
1 14-Count Prevacid ($11 Value/Free W/Coupon)

Free $5 Lotion!

Got A Free $5 Lotion With Coupon
From Bath & Body Works

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Free Toy W/ Coupon, Paid Just $0.29 For Tax!

Today I Got A Free Toy W/ Coupon, Paid Just $0.29 For Tax!
Donating This To Toys For Tots!!!
Normal Price ($5.29-$5.00 Coupon=$0.29!)

Free W/ $6 Survey Cash (Chicago Blu Ray)

Free W/ $6 Survey Cash/Sale I got
Chicago On Blu Ray For Free!

Antique TV Tray $5 Value Free With Survey Cash

Antique TV Tray ($5 Value) Free With Survey Cash

House Party Rewards ($40 Value)

House Party Sent Another Batch Of Reward Prizes
Jak & Daxter Collection ($40 Value)
Gran Turismo Car Adapters

Free $5 Lotion!

With A Coupon, I Got a 3oz Lotion
From Bath & Body Works Completely Free!

$5 Lotion For Free!

With A Coupon, I Got a 3oz Lotion
From Bath & Body Works Completely Free!

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Kroger Deals!!! ($23.22 In Groceries For Just $2.36!)

Love My Kroger-- Doubles Coupons Up To $1
Emerald Nuts ($5.79 Retail/$0.20 After Coupon)
PopSecret 6-Pack ($4.99 Retail/$1.00 After Coupon)
2 Snicker's Peanut Butters & 2 Diet Pepsi's
($5.16 Retail/$1.16 After Coupons)
1 Bag Of Ruffles ($4.29 Retail/Free After Coupons)
That's $23.22 In Groceries For Just $2.36!

Free Ice Cream!!! $2.79 Value! Thanks Kroger!

Got A Letter From Kroger
For Being A Valued Shopper I Got....
1 FPC For Kroger Ice Cream ($2.79 Value!)

Saturday, February 11, 2012

$23.29 Worth Of Toys For Just $2.29 With Coupons!!!

Got All Of these toys for just $2.29 after coupons!!!
2 Kre-O Optimus Prime ($16.94 Value/$0.94 After Coupons)
1 Travel Hungry Hippos ($6.35 Value/ Just $1.35 After Coupons)
Giving the 2 Kre-Os to Toys For Tots, Keeping The Hippos!

Free W/ $10 Old Navy Gift Card

Here's What I Got W/ My Gift Card!
1 Henley ($7.20)
1 Pair Of Sandals ($2.25)

Thursday's Mail ($33 Value)

Thursday I Got.....
PacMan Purse $23 Value/Free W/Amazon GCs
$10 Old Navy Gift Card From MyPoints
(See Above Post to see what I Bought!)

Tuesday Deals! ($8 Value)

Tuesday I Got....
In Store: 2 8-Packs Of Juicy Juice Free W/Coupon $5.50 Value
Mail: 1 5-Hour Energy $2.50 Value

All This Free W/ $10 Check From Monday's Mail!

With My $10 Check From Monday's Mail (Post Below)
I Got.....
Isolation Dvd ($2)
Zombie Diaries 2 Dvd ($2)
Ms. PacMan Wind-Up ($1.25)
The Last Circus Dvd ($2)
Submarine Dvd ($2)

Monday's Mail

Monday I Got....
Friday The 13th Blu Ray ($7 Value/ Free W/ Amazon GCs)
Schick Hydro Razor
5 Hour Energy
$10 Survey Check (See Above Post to see what I bought with it!)

Monday, February 6, 2012

Free W/ $15 Check

With A $15 Check I Got The Following For Free!!!
2 Pairs Of Socks ($2)
8 Hair Goods ($8)
1 Lipstick Pen ($1)
1 Marshmallow Hearts ($1)
1 Wildberry Toaster Tarts ($1)
2-Pack Of Containers ($1)
1 Bag Of Cheddar Cheese Fries ($1)
All For Free!!!! I love Checks!

Friday's Mail ($55 Value)

Friday I Got....
The Thing Blu Ray (Free W/ $23 Amazon GC)
In Time Blu Ray (Free W/ $20 Amazon GC)
She's All That Blu Ray (Free W/ $10 Amazon GC)
Battle In Seattle Blu Ray (Free W/ $5 Amazon GC)
Romeo & Juliet Book (Free W/ $1 Amazon GC)
$15 Check From Rice Crispies (Post Above... See What I Bought!)

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Wednesday's Mail!

Wednesday I Got....
50/50 Blu Ray Free W/ Amazon GCs & Coupon Code ($20 Value!)

Love Movie Deals!!! (Free Movie/Diet Coke/Popcorn)

Tuesday I Got The Following At Local Video Stores For Free!
Popcorn & Pop (Free W/ Coupon Promo) $3 Value
Revenge Of The Bridesmaids $2 Value/Free W/ Survey Cash

Monday's Mail

Monday I Got...
12-Pack K-Cups Free ($8 Value/Free Company Promo)
Breed/ Day Of The Dead Blu Ray ($7 Value/Free W/ Amazon GCs)

Movie Sale+ Survey Cash= Free Movies!!! ($3 Value)

Movie Sale+ Survey Cash= Free Movies!!! ($3 Value)
I Got Wake Wood & Sanctum for Just $3, Free W/ Survey Cash!