Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Monday's Mail ($23 Value)

Monday I Got The Following In My Mail!!!
2 Bic Pens I Won in an Instant Win Game ($2 Value)
2 Ace Ice Bags ($20 Value)
Perky Jerky Sample ($1 Value)
That's Over $23 in Items I got Completely Free In The Mail!

More Recent Mail...... MOVIES EDITION! ($42 Value!)

I also Got my order recently as well.... I Got....
The Tie That Binds ($4.50 Value)
The Number 23 ($8.00 Value)
The Rules Of Attraction ($10.50 Value)
Friends With Kids ($20.00 Value)
All Were Free With Free Amazon Gift Cards!

Free Nail Polish From Ulta ($4 Value)

I got a Free Polish from Ulta 
Courtesy of Seventeen Magazine Promo ($4 Value)

Even More Recent Mail

In More Recent Mail I Got The Following....
1 Bottle Of Sobe won in an Instant Win Game
Coupon, Cat Food From Fancy Feast (Gave Away)
1 Nescafe Memento Drink Stick
Perky Jerky Sample

More Recent Mail

I also Recently got the following in the mail...
10 Samples of Woolite Dark ($10 Value)
1 FPC for Edy's Ice Cream ($1 Value)
This Mail has a value of  $11!

Free Groceries With Coupons!

Redeemed some coupons and got the following for free!
2 Cups of Edy's Ice Cream ($2.00)
Oscar Meyer Bacon ($5.49)
2 Diet Coke ($3.00)
That's Over $10 In Free Groceries!

Free Coupons In Recent Mail....

I recently got the following in my mail....
2 FPC for Edy's Ice Cream Cups
1 FPC for Juicy Juice

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Got 4-6 Packs Of Zevia Pop For just $0.70! A Retail Value of $28.76!

Went To Kroger and By Combining Sales & Coupons I Got 4 6-Packs of Zevia Pop for just $0.70!
This would be a cost of $28.76 without coupons or sales.
I Got.... 
2 6-Packs of Cola 
2 6-Packs of Ginger Root Beer (Delicious!)

Got $15 In Casino Cash while on Vacation, Won $64.85, Here's what I Bought!

While On Vacation, We got $5 Casino Cash. Upon Arriving at the casino we got an 
additional $10. With the $15 in Casino Cash, We headed to the $0.01 Slots and played for an hour. 
I walked out with $64.85. Here's what I bought with my winnings...
From Left To Right (Pictures Will Be Described)
Picture 1-My Winnings
Picture 2- Personalized Stamp ($5), Rare Care Bear Ornament ($6.25) & Good Luck Bear Glass ($13)
Picture 3- Vintage Bernstein Bears Counting Book ($2)
Picture 4- Owl Necklace ($0.99)
Picture 5- Anchorman Wall Plaque ($15), 2-Pack Care Bear Socks, Hello Kitty Socks ($6) & Mirrored C ($0.29)
Picture 6- Owl Necklace ($0.99)
Picture 7- Spider Necklace ($1.75)
Picture 8- Owl Necklace ($0.99)
Picture 9- Owl Necklace ($1.32)
Picture 10- Owl Necklace ($0.99)
Picture 11- Owl Necklace ($0.99)
Picture 12- Owl Necklace ($1.70)
Picture 13- Owl Ring ($0.99)
Picture 14- Elephant Necklace ($0.99)
Picture 15- Heart Necklace ($0.99)
Picture 16- Owl Necklace ($0.99)

Recent Mail.....

Recently I have Received the following....
1 $5 Check (For my B-Day) See What I Bought Below....
1 FPC For Oscar Meyer Products (I'm thinking BACON!)

What I Got With $5 In Cash

I got a $5 Check for free for my B-Day from (See Above Post)
With that I headed to Goodwill and Found some Great Goodies and Spent Nothing 
But the Freebie $5 I was given.... Here's What I Got...

2 Books (1 From The Nightmare Series!)
Strawberry Shortcake Placemat
Large Carousel Gumball Machine (Skittles for me!)
If I bought the above items in a retail setting I would easily pay $38+
It pays to shop frugally.

Monday, July 9, 2012

What I Purchased With $6 In Survey Cash.... ($12.79 Retail Value)

Combining Clearance Deals & $6 In Survey Cash 
I got $12.79 in Merchandise Completely Free!
I Got.....
Level 26 Book ($1)
Hair-ties Bold ($1)
Hair-ties Striped ($1)
2 Sets of Stickers ($0.60/Normally $2.00)
3 2-Packs Of Scunci Hair Goods ($0.90/Normally $3.00)
Cars Container ($0.30/Normally $1.00)
2 Post-It Notes ($0.60/Normally $2.00)
Plastic Bowl ($0.30/Normally $1.00)
2-Pack Of Glue Sticks ($0.25/Normally $0.79)
That Would Normally Cost me $12.79 for the above products but since
I combined sales and used $6 in Survey Cash I got it all for Free!~

Friday & Saturday's Mail ($20+ Value)

This Past Friday & Saturday I Got The Following....
Seventeen, Ok & Lucky Magazines ($12 Value/Free Subscriptions)
ThirtySomething Season 1 Volume 2 Dvd (Free W/Free Amazon GCs $6 Value)
Smiley Stickers (In W/Junk Mail)
$6 In Pinecone Checks

Recent Mail ($10+ Value)

Recently I Got....
3 Ace Adhesive Bandages (Only 1 Pictured Easily $5+ Value) 
Orphan On Blu Ray From Amazon (Free W/ $8 In Free Amazon GCs)

Recent Mail... ($45+ Value)

Recently I Got....

My Barnes & Noble Order (Free W/Free GCs)
Best Crime Stories ($3)
The War Of The Worlds Plus Blood Guts & Zombies ($2)
Matched ($12)
Crossed ($13)
$30 Value!

I Also Got...

My Bzz Agent Kit from Keurig
1 Cold Cup
3 4-Packs Of K-Cups
$15 Value Easily....

Thursday, July 5, 2012

I got over $105.00 Worth Of Music For FREE!

Combining Amazon Music Sales, Promos and free Amazon GCs I have received I got.... $104.35 in Free MP3 Songs!!! 
I Got....
 The Wanted-Soundtrack $0.99 Free W/GC Now $8.00
 Now That's What I Call The 80s $3.98 Free W/GC/Promo Now $7.99
 90s Rock $5.00 Free W/GC/Promo Now $8.99
 I Write Sins Not Tragedies Song $0.99 Free W/Promo
 Youth Of A Nation & Alive Songs $2.00 Free W/Promo
 Black Hole Sun $0.99 Free W/ Promo
 Blown Away Song $1.29 Free W/ Promo
 Can't Hardly Wait Soundtrack $2.99 Free W/Promo Now $10.00
 Drive Soundtrack $2.99 Free W/GCs now $13.00
 Fun's Some Nights $0.99 Free W/ GCs Now $8.00
 Gotye Making Mirrors $0.99 Free W/GCs Now $8.00
Mango Jerry's In The Summertime $0.25 Free W/Promo
 Katy Perry's Complete Confection $0.99 Free W/Promo $13.55 Now
 Lana Del Rey's Born To Die $0.99, $0.38 After Promo Free W/ GCs Now $7.00
 Ellie Goulding's Lights $0.99 Free W/ Promo Now $7.00
 100 Must Have Movie Classics $0.99 Free After Promo Now $2.99
 One Headlight Song $0.69 Free After GCs
 Rock Of Ages Soundtrack $2.99 Free After GCs $13.00 Now
 She's So High Song $1.29 Free W/Promo
 Skyscraper Song $0.99 Free W/Promo
 Summertime $0.25 Free W/GC
 Fast Car Song $0.99 Free W/Promo
 Give Me A Reason Song $0.99 Free W/Promos
Walking On Broken Glass Song $1.29 Free W/ Promo