Sunday, January 20, 2013

Using Coupons & $3 Survey Cash I Got The Following Completely Free!

Using Coupons &  $3 Survey Cash I Got The Following Completely Free!
Brash Nail Stickers, (Normally $5, On Sale For $3, $1 After Coupon)
Blessed Hardcover Novel ($1)
Vitamin Water Lipbalm ($1)
I Got all of these items completely free using just $3 in Survey Cash! 

Free Lotion W/Coupon $3.50 Value

Using A Coupon Off Of Facebook I Got....
A Mini Honey Sweetheart Lotion ($3.50 Value) For Free! 

More Recent Mail (Friday & Saturday)

I Also Got.....
Us Weekly Magazine
Entertainment Weekly Magazine
Treat Greeting Cards (Not Pictured)
Get Glue Stickers (Not Pictured)
Blu Ray Double Feature: The Messengers & Freedomland ($6 Value, Free W/ Amazon GCs)

I Also Got.....

I Also Recently Got.....
OK Magazine
Nature Valley Sweet & Salty Nut Bars to Sample & Provide Feedback on

Recent Mail

I Recently Got The Following In my Mail....

Infant's Advil Package from Smile360
Which Included.....
-Magnetic Frame
-Infants Advil Medicine

I also Got a....
Cocktail Shaker 

Friday, January 18, 2013

Hiding in Sunshine


Hiding in Sunshine is the work of a father and daughter duo who reside in the immediate area where these fictional events transpire. John Stuart is a successful high tech entrepreneur. Caitlin Stuart is a student and an aspiring writer with a lifelong love of reading and telling stories. This is their first co-authored novel -- and is proof that a teenager and her dad can indeed collaborate amicably and productively! 

I received this book to review from @influenster and upon first glance I wasn't expecting anything spectacular. I usually have a hard time liking books that are written by duos probably because I usually find them to be flip-flopping from points to another. This was not the case with Hiding In Sunshine. I was shocked at how fast of a read this book was, I couldn't put it down, and I really enjoyed the fact that the premise is something that could actually occur in today's day and age. It isn't a sparkly vampire or a game of hunting humans with our bow and arrows, while I enjoyed those books, it was refreshing to read something that I usually wouldn't pick out for myself. I truly enjoyed the cyber aspects to the book and thought that it was a thought-provoking read. It had me guessing throughout and I couldn't put it down. Thanks again to the authors and @influenster  for allowing me to read this book before it actually is released to the public, how cool is that? 
$19.95 for paperback copy on

 I received this product complimentary for testing and review purposes from Influenster

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Today I Got!!! The Tim Burton Collection On Blu Ray!

Today I Got.... 
The Tim Burton Collection On Blu Ray! 
It was on sale at Amazon for Just $28.99 (Now it is $44.99, original retail is $59.99)
I got it completely free with Amazon GCs!

This set includes blu rays of the following films.....

Batman Returns
Mars Attacks!
Pee-Wee's Big Adventure
Charlie & The Chocolate Factory
Tim Burton's Corpse Bride

That's 7 Great Films on blu ray for a little over $4 apiece! I was so excited to get this deal and can't wait to see all these films again in the near future!

$131.44 Worth Of Items For Just $21.73 (83.5% Off!)

I love great sales! Bath & Body Works is currently wrapping this sale up Today (Tues 1/15)
So get out and shop if you have the chance or finances to do so!

I Got $131.44 Worth Of Merchandise for just $21.73! 
How did I score such a deal?
I used a $10/$30 Survey, and combined it with the fantastic sales that they are having!

What did I Get? 
Well, I already have a bunch of lotions so I only bought 1 and that is a gift, so I technically bought no lotions this time around. I decided to stock up on the fragrance mists. These mists are generally $14 when not on sale, some were $3.50 (Sparkly Smaller bottles) and some were $4 (Taller Bottles) 

I Got......
1 Lemon Lotion
1 Vanilla Bean Noel Spray
1 Warm Vanilla Sugar Spray
1 Twisted Peppermint Spray
1 Honey Autumn Apple Spray
1 Paris Amour Spray (Glitter Spray)
1 Dark Kiss Spray (Glitter Spray)
1 Country Chic (Glitter Spray)
1 Moonlight Path Perfume Pack (Pictured By Itself)

In the end, I saved over 83.5% off which worked out to be $109.71 off the original retail price. I paid just $21.73 and got nine items! That works out to be about $2.41 per item!   

$25 Worth Of HairColor For Free!

With Free FPCs I Got...
3 Boxes of Loreal Paris Haircolor Completely for Free 
Tax was Just under $1.50 and I paid with SurveyCash!

Recent Mail...

Recently I Got....
Silent Night Blu Ray ($19 Value, Free After Amazon GCs & Survey Cash)
2 Free Chapsticks From Chapstick Facebook Promotion (Over)

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Quaker Real Medleys Oatmeal+

Quaker Website:
Influenster Quaker Real Medleys Oatmeal Product Page: 
I received this product complimentary from Influenster  
Packed with wholesome multi-grains and chunks of real fruit and nuts, Quaker Real Medleys are an oatmeal experience beyond your expectations. It comes in a convenient, portable package so you can eat it anywhere! It’s so easy to make… Just add water and microwave. No mess, no bowl to clean up.

 Quaker Real Medleys Oatmeal+

- The best oatmeal ever - made to-go
- Packed with wholesome multigrains and chunks of real fruits or nuts
- Portable single-serve cups

Quaker Real Medleys Oatmeal+ is simply the best oatmeal ever – and you can enjoy it on the go! Whole grain oats, rye, barley and wheat are mixed with large chunks of real fruit & nuts in a convenient single-serve cup. Just add hot water or microwave and you can have a delicious breakfast anytime, anywhere. Enjoy all four delicious flavors – Apple Walnut, Cherry Pistachio, Peach Almond and Summer Berry.
$1.79 per individual cup 

I tried Cherry Pistachio and really enjoyed it. I suggest you all to give this product a try for yourself, if you like oatmeal I can't see you not liking it. After you try it be sure to let me know what one you tried and if you liked it or not. 

NYC New York Color Liquid Lipshine

I received this product (Nude Lip-shine) complimentary for testing and review purposes from Influenster
NYC New York Color ( website 
and to the Liquid Lipshine product page (

Straight from the city that never sleeps, NYC New York Color offers products with uptown style at down-to-earth prices, from $.99 - $4.99. The energy, style, and color of New York City shines through the wide range of shades, textures and innovative products. NYC always delivers the most on-trend products & shades hot off the runway!  
$2.49 at chain drugstores and mass merchandisers nationwide For The Liquid Lipshine

Have you heard the gossip? There’s a new gloss in town! NYC New York Color Liquid Lipshine is getting headlines with seriously high-drama color at a seriously low price. Pure pigments give a 3-D effect that’s off-the-charts glossy. Tons of hot new shades, from preppy nudes to bold statement hues – all for less than your weekly fashion magazine. 

I got to try the nude liquid lip shine and I loved it! It was a great opportunity and I enjoyed trying out a product that I indeed will be using in the near future. I have purchased several shades since and I am always pleased with the outcomes and how the shine looks on my lips. 

UPDATE: Won a prize through Influenster after submitting this post, got a Liquid Eyeliner.

Kiss Nail Dress

Kiss website:
Kiss review page: 
I received this product complimentary from Influenster (Stickers Pictured Above)
$6.99 at Kmart, CVS, Walgreens, Walmart, Rite Aid, Target (all mass retailers and drugstores)
 KISS is a global brand, with products including nail care, cosmetics, appliance, hair care, and salon & spa equipment. 
 Introducing Kiss® Nail Dress™, ultimate nail fashion for tips and toes! Just peel, apply, and shape for a manicure that lasts up to a week. On in minutes, off in seconds without remover. Nail Dress is available in 21 different styles, many of them featuring 3-dimensional jeweled designs. Check out Peplum, a deep silver with multi-colored gems for a pop of color, or Babydoll, for a golden and glamorous jeweled look. Skip the topcoat, Nail Dress has it built in.

With 28 strips in each package, you can cut up your extras to create designs that can be used on top of polished or artificial nails. Add some pizzazz and use with imPRESS® Press-On Manicure™ by Broadway Nails for the ultimate DIY manicure. Nail Dress doesn’t dry out the way other polish strips can, so you can save them to use on your next mani. A nail design booklet is included in each package, just in case you need a little inspiration.

And don’t forget about your feet! Nail Dress looks awesome on toes, too – just use the square side of the sticker for a perfect fit.

Kiss Nail Dress’ suggested retail is $6.99 and is available in all major drug chains and mass retailers like WalMart, CVS and Walgreens. Visit to learn more!

Montagne Jeunesse Face Masque

Montagne Jeunesse website:
 Montagne Jeunesse Product Page:
I  received this (Chocolate Face Mask) product complimentary to test through Influenster’s VoxBox program
 Whether you enjoy looking after your skin, or being pampered, you will absolutely enjoy one of these "Life’s Little Pleasures"! With a huge array to choose from, our face masques are packed with the most delicious natural ingredients and are bursting with luscious fragrances. Suitable for all different skin types, there is one to suit every mood and everybody!

Try one of our featured products today!

• We all love chocolate, it’s our guilty pleasure! Well treat yourself to some chocolate without the guilt and make your skin look fabulous! Our Chocolate Masque, rich in natural ingredients will not only deep cleanse your skin by helping unblock pores, allowing impurities to be drawn out but will also hydrate and nourish your skin.

• Craving a fresh fruit sensation, try our Fruit Smoothie hydrating face masque today – bursting with healthy goodness, our thick crushed Raspberry and Mango smoothie delight will leave you with fresher, cleansed and softer skin. Lavishly apply and treat your skin to a pore cleansing, sensational awakening.

• Enliven your skin and help combat unsightly blemishes with our Aloe Vera and Willow Clean Up Mud. Our special blend of nature’s remedies naturally targets your problem areas for a clear and clean complexion. 
 Montagne Jeunesse beauty treats are free of parabens, vegetarian approved and never tested on animals. 
 under $2.00 at Wal-Mart, Ulta, Kroger, Walgreens, CVS

Goody QuikStyle

 Goody website:
Goody Product Page:
I Received this product complimentary to test through Influenster’s VoxBox program

The GOODY® QUIKSTYLE™ Paddle brush works like a towel and brush in one. The super absorbent (and antimicrobial) microfiber removes 30% of water from wet hair to help speed your drying time! You can effortlessly detangle right out of the shower and continue using it while you blow dry! 

 The Goody® brand is part of Newell Rubbermaid®’s Home Solutions Business Unit. More than 100 years of innovation has made Goody the most widely-recognized manufacturer of hair accessories and styling tools

  $12.99 at Walmart, Target, CVS, Walgreens, Kroger, Duane Reade


Americans are busier than ever but we’ve relied on bad energy to keep up…until now.

EBOOST is a boost that does more. It’s a mood boost, focus boost, natural boost, and a no-crash boost that also supports the normal function of the immune system.

EBOOST uses real ingredients, stuff you’ve heard of like Vitamin C, Vitamin D, Green Tea, Vitamin B-12 and Folic Acid. And the stuff you might not have heard of: Quercetin, 5-HTP, Resveratrol, Huperzine-A — it’s all good too. What could be sweeter than that? Well, we even sweeten our product with Stevia, a plant, not a chemical.

What started as a celebrity secret for A-Listers like Madonna, Shakira, Oprah Winfrey and Amar’e Stoudemire is now a necessity for the multi-tasking generation. We took the time to formulate a multi-purpose product that really works so you don’t have to waste time with mediocre products that sort of work.

Get your boost with the convenience of a shot, or an easy-to-mix powder packet in four delicious flavors: Super Berry, Orange, Pink Lemonade and Acai Pomegranate. No matter how you boost, you’re sure to feel great. All day, every day.

You can find EBOOST at Whole Foods Market, Vitamin Shoppe, Duane Reade, Equinox, 24h Fitness, local gourmet stores and natural markets, and at 
EBOOST Website
 EBOOST Influencer Site
I received (1 packet of) this product complimentary through Influenster

Sole Society makes it easy to get the hottest styles for less! And with $25 off your first purchase, there's no excuse not to buy!

At SoleSociety you can get $25 off their first purchase from Sole Society with the code INFLUENSTER25 until 1/31/13.\

UPDATE: After submitting my blog posting, I was awarded a $50 Sole Society Gift Credit to my account! I ordered some cute shoes, watch for the post to come soon!!! 

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Holiday Vox Box, Smiley 360 Mission & Recent Mail

Recently For Mail I Got....
Us Weekly Magazine
$3 Survey Check 

Amazon Order
Pitch Perfect Blu Ray ($20 Value, Free W/ Amazon GCs)
4-Holiday Classics ($5 Value, Free W/ Amazon GCs)

Holiday Vox Box
EBoost Sample
Sole Society $25 Certificate
Chocolate Masque
Kiss Nail Stickers
Quaker Real Medleys 
Goody Quick Style Hairbrush
NYC Lipcolor 

Smiley 360 Mission 
2 Bic 4 Color Ink Pens 


$3 In December Survey Cash Free Goodies!

I Love Thrifting! I went out Early in December to a few Thrift Shops and got the following Completely free with my $3.00!

Snow Day CD $1.00
Santa Tray $0.12
Large Wooden Teddy $0.25
Wooden Horse $0.25
Santa Bear Ornament $0.75
Beary Christmas Sign $0.25
Santa Ornament $0.12
Frog Ornament $0.12
Bird Figurine $0.12
McDonald's Ornament $0.12 
 Mini Wooden Teddy $0.12
Glass Teddy Ornament $0.12 
Hawaiian Bear Ornament $0.12
Rescuers Mouse Ornament $0.12 
Balloon Plaque $0.12
Plastic Bear $0.12 
Beamer Star $0.25
Gold Clutch $0.25

Ted, Free W/Free Amazon GCs $20 Value!

I Got Ted on Blu Ray, Free W/ Amazon GCs ($20 Value!)

December Mail Freebies W/ Free Amazon GCs $68.00 Value!

I Got The Following Completely Free With Free Amazon gcS
A Spongebob Christmas ($9/Free W/ Amazon GCs)
The Lorax ($4/Free W/ Amazon GCs)
Maroon 5 Overexposed ($6/Free W/ Amazon GCs)
That's My Boy ($10/Free W/ Amazon GCs)
Wrong Turn ($7/Free W/ Amazon GCs)
Wrong Turn 2 ($7/Free W/ Amazon GCs)
Wrong Turn 3 ($7/Free W/ Amazon GCs)
How The Grinch Stole Christmas ($10/Free W/ Amazon GCs)
V For Vendetta ($8/Free W/ Amazon GCs)

$20.14 Value, $4.24 After Free IWG JCP Merch Certs!

I Got The Following Items Completely Free W/ JCP Merch Certs I Won in the Holiday IWG & By using $4.24 In Survey Cash! 
I Got....
$14.84 Slippers/$4.24 After Merch Certs/Free After Survey Cash
$5.00 Hello Kitty Coin Purse/$0.00 Free After Merch Certs!

December Mail! $37+ Value!

I Got All Of This during December....
The Dark Knight Rises $20 Value, Free W/ Free Amazon GCs
Love Actually $10 Value, Free W/ Free Amazon GCs
National Lampoon's Holiday Reunion $3 Value, Free W/ Free Amazon GCs
2 FPCs For Coke Coupons
1 Free Stick Of Carmex, Won in An IWG

$0.95 For A $15.90 Clutch!

Got A Clutch For Just $0.95 Cents! The Clutch Was Originally $15.90 After a Free $15 Off Coupon and Tax It worked out to be $0.95!

Esio Party (December 21st, 2012)

 Machine Features

 I was lucky enough to get to host an Esio Party. 
What's an Esio?

Convenience In Your Home


The Esio Hot & Cold Beverage System is the most convenient appliance since the microwave oven. Now you can have all your favorite name brand hot and cold drinks, in the size you want and the strength you want, in seconds at the touch of a button. Every compact MultiServe beverage E-Pak takes the place of seven 16-ounce bottles or nine 12-ounce cans, so just think of all the valuable space you'll save in your refrigerator, pantry and cupboard. Save the time and effort it takes to lug all those bottles and cans home from the store and save money compared to buying single-serve beverages. And with Esio, beverages are all low-calorie and low-sugar, so you can feel good about what you and your family are drinking.
 The System Can Switch to Hot and Cold in a few seconds, and you can dial in the flavor strength as well! This makes the system very user friendly!
 The Company provided us with a complementary machine and A Plethora of mixes to try in the Esio Machine. We tried them all! Our favorite was the Country Time Lemonade, but the Crystal Light Margarita was a close second. Third was the Natural Peach Iced Tea From Crystal Light as well. 
 What I liked about the machine was how versatile it is. I used the instant hot water to make some broths and hot chocolates and the cold water for some cold water in a snap. I love the Esio machine, and all who were at the party enjoyed it as well. Everytime someone comes over I have to show them this new toy of ours and everyone is smitten! 

Check out the Esio Site at

Country Time
What An Esio E-Pak Looks Like (These are about $6-$7 Apiece) You can find these at your local Walmart. 

 Thanks again for the fantastic opportunity! I was given an Esio Machine and E-paks for my honest opinion on the Esio Machine. All Opinions are my own.