Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Everything Pictured I got For Free!!!
3 Florida's Naturals Orange Juice ($9 Value)
3 Gatorade Recover ($6 Value)
Country Bob's ($4.50 Value)

$19.50 Value!!!
All For Free!
2 Free Bags Of Ruffles ($1.98 Value)
3 Free Sobe's ($3.00 Value)
Got The Following Movies Free In Various Ways....

It's Kind Of A Funny Story/Welcome To The Riley's ($36 Value)
Amazon Survey Payments

Holes: Redeemed My Disney Movie Rewards Points ($10 Value)

Say Anything/Eat Pray Love
Best Buy Gift Card (Got W/Survey Points)
With Amazon Survey Payments I Got The
Following Movies Free.....

You Again ($25 Value)
I Spit On Your Grave ($16 Value)
Won an Instant Win Game
Won 4 FPC'S for Toaster Strudels ($12 Value)

Awesome Mail Day!!!

With Amazon Survey Payments I Got.....
~Weeds Season 6 ($28 Value)
~Due Date ($25 Value)

$10 Best Buy GC (Redeemed Panel Points)
$25 Bath & Body Works GC
Free Yoplait Coupon
Free Country Bob's Coupon

Free Grocery Items

2 Free Cartons Of Orange Juice ($6.38 Value)
Free Propel ($1.29 Value)
6 Free Gatorade Prime ($11.94 Value)
Free 2-Liter Of Diet Coke ($1.29 Value)
3 Free 20-Ounce Diet Cokes ($4.50 Value)
2 Free Hunger Grab Ruffles ($1.98 Value)

That's a $27+ Value!
All For Free!