Monday, March 10, 2014

My Recent Mail/ Grocery Trips!

 Recently I Got....
3 FPCs For Snickers
2 FPCs For Aquafina
1 FPC For A Pocketbac
 I Also Got an Envelope to throw A Fresh Express Party with 8 FPCs!
 Got some free groceries;
2 Coke's
2 Yoplait Yogurts
1 Lifeway 4-Pack of Yogurts
6 Snickers Bars
Over $12 Worth of Groceries, completely free!
 I got 7 FPCs for Snickers!
and a Sample of Tums
 4 More FPCs for Snickers!
 Picked up 7 Free Snickers! $5+ Value!
 Got Some more completely free groceries, 
3 Aquafina Flavorsplashes
4 Snickers Bars
$5+ Value!
Using Coupons & Kroger's Free Product Friday I Got The Following Pictured for just $2.09.
1 Crisp Bar (Free Product Friday)
1 South Beach Meal Bars (Free Product Friday)
1 Powerade Zero (Free W/ Coupon)
4 Silk Yogurts ($0.76 For 4)
1 Minute Maid ($1.33 After Coupon)

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