Monday, March 10, 2014

Jadore Vox Box! $25+ Value!

So thrilled that I was chosen for another Vox Box, I am in love with these things and all the great products I have discovered since becoming a member of Influenster. 

This was the Jadore Voxbox that was created especially for Valentine's Day
The Box Included;

Red Rose Tea
Kiss Eye Lashes
John Freda Frizz Ease
Hershey Kisses 
Boot Botanics Mud Mask

I have had the chance to try all the products since receiving the box and I am thrilled to let you, my readers know what I thought about each item. 

The Red Rose Tea, while I love tea; I tend to be a cold tea drinker so I brewed these up and added lots of ice to have a delicious cup of caramel tea, I also tried the lemon as well. Both were delicious and I actually preferred the lemon to the caramel though. I definitely would try this product again.  This product retails around $4 a box.

The Kiss Eye Lashes were something I normally would not buy for myself. I already have long lashes, so I don't normally have a need for the fakes, I did try these though and enjoyed the thickness that it added to my full lashes, definitely something to remember on nights when I want to go out. This Product retails around $3.

The John Freda Frizz Ease was a product that I had seen previously in stores before getting it in the box. I was very excited to try it and was quite pleased with the results. I tend to have a small problem with frizz, and this took care of the trick, and I saw the results last for days. This product retails anywhere from $12-$15.

Who hasn't had Hershey Kisses??? I was so happy when I opened my vox box and saw these right front and center. It was a family sized bag and I was able to share with lots of family and friends so everyone was able to get their chocolate fix on courtesy of me and Influenster. These are delicious, and the family sized bag retails around $5.

Finally there was the Boots Botanics Mud Mask. This mask was really nice and it felt good and took off a lot of the days buildup and such off my face. I was very pleased with the results and this is a mask that I look forward to using. It was gentle on my skin, and made it look very fresh and clean!

This Voxbox was great. I was very happy to have been able to get it and try all these products. I ended up liking and loving each and everyone of them. Again, thanks to influenster and all the brands that were included in this great Voxbox.

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