Friday, December 6, 2013

My Black Friday Shopping Excurision!

 Rite Aid
Wet & Wild Set $3/$2 Reward
Carmex $3/$3 Reward/$2 Off With Coupons
4 Bags Of M&Ms (Not Pictured) $8/$4 Rewards/$2 Off With Coupons
2 Sally Hansen Sets $12/$6 Rewards
Spent $22/ Got $15 in Rewards
 With My $15 In Rewards I Got....
9 Bottles Of Various Polish
I Also Got $9.99 In Rewards with this purchase!!!! 
Keep it rolling! (Haven't redeemed $9.99 in rewards yet, will update when I DO!)
 Ahhh Claires!
Regular cost for all these goodies would be $220.48,
I paid just $27.01! But I had a free $25 GC!
Cost me just $2.01 out of pocket!!!
 Another Claire's!
$89.50 Regular Retail, I Paid $11.62!!!
I got;
2 Earring Trees ($3.98)
2 Pairs of Earrings ($2.00)
1 Owl Necklace ($1.50)
2 Headbands ($2.00)
1 Wallet ($1.50)
 At Walmart I Had over $90 In Gift Cards that I used, so I ended up paying nothing out of pocket!
I Got;
Giant Russell Stover $10
Hunger Games DVD W/Pendant $5
Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter $4
Hot Tub Time Machine $4
The Evil Dead $4
Hello Kitty Slippers $6
Care Bear Slippers $6
Hello Kitty Mug Set $5.50
Kit Kats $3
Hershey Pot of Gold $5
The Internship $10
Trouble with the Curve $4
Tropic Thunder $4
One For The Money $4
Robin Thicke CD $7 (Not Pictured)
 At Meijer I Purchased 10 Blu Rays, They were $4 A piece (1 Not Pictured)
I Got;
The Boondock Saints
The Devil Wears Prada
The Silence Of The Lambs
Little Miss Sunshine
Mrs. Doubtfire
Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close
Moulin Rouge 
Ghost Rider 2

At Old Navy I Spent $24 & I Got the following;
4 Animal Thermals $22
Hello Kitty Clutch $2

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