Friday, December 6, 2013

Kroger Skillet Meals BzzAgent

 Check out the cool Package!
 The Items I Picked up with the FPCs!
Goodies I scored using Kroger's Double up to $1

Thanks BzzAgent and Kroger for the delicious package! I picked up some Garlic Bread, Shrimp Lo Mein Skillet Meal and Bacon Salad! It had a retail value of over $11, and I made it this past week. The Garlic Bread was to die for, and it is honestly the best Garlic bread that I have ever had, and definitely switching to this brand so thick and rich, just delicious. The salad kit was oh so easy and had all the ingredients, including the ranch in the bag and was prepped in literally under 2 minutes. Same thing with the Shrimp Lo Mein, I was able to prep and have it on the table in under 30 minutes, dinner in 30 minutes in this household, is never accomplished, but now it can be thanks to Kroger Skillet meals, salads, and Garlic bread.

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