Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Thanksgiving, Black Friday, Weekend Deals!!! (All Free W/ Free Gift Cards & Free Amex Cards!)

I Got All these Items Pictured completely free using gift cards that I have received for free throughout this year. I have accumulated them throughout the year in hopes of getting as much as I could for free on Black Friday! Check out each picture below to see my haul and what I used to get the items completely free!!! 

Original Retail For All Items Pictured: $412.16
Sale Price for All Items Pictured: $165.16
I Paid: $0.00 Nothing!!!!! 

 At Meijer, I Used a $56.00 Gift Card I Got For Free
I Bought:
2 Pairs Of Boots $40/$80
2 Popcorn Tins $8/$12
Wrong Turn 5 Blu Ray $5/$15
$111.78 Original Retail 
$56.00 After Sales 
Free W/ Free Meijer Gift Card 
At Kohl's I Used A Free $10 Mail Promo & 15% Off Pass 
I Bought:
A Green Watch $9.99/Was $28.00
Candies Slippers $14.99/Was $40.00
$72.08 Original Retail
$13.49 After Coupons & Sales
Free After Using Amex GC & Promo Card & Discount 
 I got this Coupon in the mail and It said Free Gift Valued at $9.95
Just Stop in, no purchase necessary... 
I Stopped in and Got this cute ornament. 
Valued at $9.95
Cost Me: $0.00
 At Target I Got...
Purple Boots $25/$35
Friends With Benefits $4/$10
The Vampire Diaries $13/$48
Original Retail Of $95.40
After Sales $46.11
Free W/ Amex Gift Cards!
 At Walmart I Got....
Lotus Christina Aguilara $5/$12
Pink's The Truth About Love $5/$12
The Hangover BR $4/$10
Clash Of The Titans BR $4/$10
Unstoppable $2/$5
Batman Begins BR $4/$8
Rise Of The Planet Of The Apes $4/$20
The Poseidon Adventure $4/$8
Original Retail: $83.74
After Sales: $33.67
Free W/ Free Walmart Gift Card
 I Ran Into The Dollar Store and Got the Following Completely Free W/ Amex GC
2 Sunkist Orange Slices
Toy Story 3 Book
Cars 2 Book
Lion Bath Toy
Tape Dispenser
Tape Rolls 
Spent $7.42, Which was Free W/Amex Gift Card 
At Meijer's I Got....
A Pink Blanket $7.99/$29.99
Original Price:$31.79
After Sales: $8.47
Which was then Free W/ Amex Gift Card 

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