Friday, November 9, 2012

Pinypon & Nenuco Party ($115.00 Value!)

I was lucky enough to be chosen to party with mommyparties recently!
I Got Selected to host a Nenuco & Pinypon Party
We got.....
2 Pinypon Cars
12 Pinypon Mini Figures
2 Nenuco Dolls
This works out to a value of over $115 Value! 

We had an excellent party and enjoyed playing with all of the toys. All of the figures were handed out to the guests and 1 Car set was raffled off to a lucky guest as well as a Nenuco Baby Doll. All items were a hit and many of the guests now have an idea of what to get their daughter's for Christmas this year! The coupons were handed out to all and much appreciated! 

For my Readers that would like to look more into these brands as well Nenuco & Pinypon are on Facebook and I will link there pages as well as their web addresses below. I have found Pinypon's since in my Local Meijer store but I am told they are also available at Toys R' Us. I haven't come across any place to buy Nenuco dolls yet but again I am told that they are available at most Kmart's and Toys R' Us as well. 

If you are shopping for a young girl this Holiday season why not go with Pinypon & Nenuco toys? I know all that were at my party enjoyed them a lot. I don't think you can go wrong and wanted to say thanks again to both companies for providing such a great package for us to party and play with! We can't wait to host another party soon!

Pinypon Caravan & Figure Commercial

I was compensated for this post with products from the Nenuco line & Pinypon line all of the opinions expressed are my own honest feelings.

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