Tuesday, November 27, 2012

I Got Paid $0.36 for Getting These Groceries

I love Kroger!!! Using Coupons I Got The Following Completely Free, In Fact, I made MONEY! I was given $0.36 to get these items out of the store!!!
I Got....
2 Bags Of Lays Chips $4.00/Free W/Overages
2 Cups of Greek Yogurt $2.00/Free W/Coupons
2 YoKids Yogurt 8-Packs $8.00 Free W/Coupons
1 6-Pack Of Ginger Rootbeer $3.50 Value/Free W/Coupons
1 Blue Agave Sweetener $4.59 Value Free/W Coupons
Organic Brown Sugar $3.59 Free W/Coupons
That's Over $25.00 In Groceries that I Got completely free and actually made money! 

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