Monday, December 7, 2009

What I Received in my Mail Today...... 12/7/2009

Today I got........

A package from (LOVE this site!!!!) The Package Included....... ALL FOR FREE!!!!!!
~6 Pack Of Wintergreen Tic Tacs
~16 pack Of Lipton Ice Tea
~Bayer Chewable Asprin

3 Pampers Extra Protection Size 5 Diapers (For my Cousin's Baby..... I am the GODMOM!)

$10.00 In Similac Checks for My Cousin....

6 Prilosec OTC Tablets

$3.00 Check From PineCone Research.... (LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this Survey Group)

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  1. Oh & I also got some awesome Christmas Music from various sites for free.... Gotta lOVE IT =)