Sunday, December 20, 2009

Some Shopping.....

Went out shopping today.....

Hallmark- Total $0.83- Purchased: A Mini Teddy Bear....Coupon I used was save $5.00 off any purchase. The stuffed animal was originally $5.50, but I purchased him for just 0.50 plus the original sales tax on him.

Plus nabbed a $30.00 Candle at Kohl's for 3.87, smells yummy and it is in a pretty glass jar......

Also..... Got a Trivia game about the tv show The Office, for 3.99 and it is a very nice tin.

Plus, I found The Office clue at Jc Penny's and I have been looking for this for months!!!! Got it for $20.00, it was on sale, originally it was $50.00....!!!!!!

All in all, nabbed some good savings today too!

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