Friday, October 18, 2013

My Buitoni Bzz Agent Package+ Haul from Grocery Store when Redeeming the Buitoni Coupon!

 Bzz Agent And Buitoni Provided a great package! 
1 FPC For Any Buitoni Product
4 $1.50 Off Any Buitoni Coupons (Already handed out)
Since I had to go to the store to redeem the Buitoni coupon I figured I may as well go to Kroger. Especially since I was a part of their Bzz Campaign featuring Baby Products, plus I love that Kroger Doubles up to $1 here!!!! 

So, I ran into Kroger, Got My Buitoni--Crab Ravioli, and then I picked up the rest pictured for under $2-- I actually just paid $.98 apiece of the Jugs of Tradewinds Teas, the rest were completely free through Kroger's Free Product Friday Coupon Downloads. So I saved over $20 on this shopping trip. 

Back to my Buitoni-- It was $4.79 for the Crab Ravioli, and I was hoping that it would be delicious. I decided to make it this past week and it was amazing. I didn't actually think that it would be as good as I had planned, but it was and it actually exceeded my expectations (If only I hadn't given away all those coupons....) :) I thought for the price, if you are looking for a meal for a couple than this would be completely worth it. I was pleased that I got to try it for free through Bzz Agent, since I had always wondered how it tasted and how to actually cook the product but prior to getting on this Bzz Campaign I had only ever just heard of Buitoni-- never tried it. Well, I can say that I will definitely be trying the multiple varieties from now on since I loved the Crab Ravioli variety so much. 

I received this product complimentary to test through Bzz Agent all opinions are my own.

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