Friday, October 18, 2013

House Party PACKAGES!!!!

I am so Far behind, that I have two House Party Packages to update you all on! 
I was lucky enough to get chosen to party in The B-Daman Party & The Twister/Bejeweled Party!
We Got lots of items that were provided completely free for our parties, 

For The B-Daman Party we got the following;
B-Daman Battle Sets x2
B-Daman Battle Figures x4
Lots of Coupons!
Over $60 Worth Of Goodies! 

For the Twister/Bejeweled Party we got the following;
Twister Board Game+Coupons
Bewjeweled Board Game+Coupons
12 Packs of Cheetos Puffs +Coupons!
2 Twister Rave Games
Over $60 in Goodies for this one too!

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