Tuesday, January 15, 2013

$131.44 Worth Of Items For Just $21.73 (83.5% Off!)

I love great sales! Bath & Body Works is currently wrapping this sale up Today (Tues 1/15)
So get out and shop if you have the chance or finances to do so!

I Got $131.44 Worth Of Merchandise for just $21.73! 
How did I score such a deal?
I used a $10/$30 Survey, and combined it with the fantastic sales that they are having!

What did I Get? 
Well, I already have a bunch of lotions so I only bought 1 and that is a gift, so I technically bought no lotions this time around. I decided to stock up on the fragrance mists. These mists are generally $14 when not on sale, some were $3.50 (Sparkly Smaller bottles) and some were $4 (Taller Bottles) 

I Got......
1 Lemon Lotion
1 Vanilla Bean Noel Spray
1 Warm Vanilla Sugar Spray
1 Twisted Peppermint Spray
1 Honey Autumn Apple Spray
1 Paris Amour Spray (Glitter Spray)
1 Dark Kiss Spray (Glitter Spray)
1 Country Chic (Glitter Spray)
1 Moonlight Path Perfume Pack (Pictured By Itself)

In the end, I saved over 83.5% off which worked out to be $109.71 off the original retail price. I paid just $21.73 and got nine items! That works out to be about $2.41 per item!   

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