Thursday, August 4, 2011

Weds & Thursday's Mail

Wednesday & Thursday I Got The Following....
Tide Action Packs X2 (Not Pictured)
Tide Laundry Soap X2
Free 20 OZ Coke X4
Free McCafe Smoothie X4
Save .55 On Chicken X7
McCormick Product Test Spices
Aussie FPC'S X2
Morton Salt FPC
Vlasic FPC
Marzetti FPC
Thomas Bread $1 Off X2
Glad $1 Off
Drumstick FPC X3
Lots Of Kroger Coupons (Free Ruffles, Free Kroger Paper Towels, Free Windex, Free 2 Roll Pack Of Bounty & Lots of Dollar Offs!!!)

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