Monday, August 8, 2011

$35 In Freebies!!!!! Love going to Kroger!!! Doubles $1 Coupons!

Today I Went To Kroger & Got Everything That is Pictured
Completely Free!!!
1 Bounty 2 Roll Pack (Kroger Free Coupon)
1 Kroger 2 Roll Pack (Kroger Free Coupon)
1 Ruffles Cheese & Sour Cream Chips (Kroger Free Coupon)
1 Diet Coke 2-Liter ($1 Coupon/Doubled to Free)
1 Diet Sun Drop 2-Liter (.60 Coupon/Doubled To Free)
1 Windex (Kroger Free Coupon)
1 Herbal Essences ($1 Coupon/Doubled To Free)
4 Packs Of Crystal Bic Pens (2-$1 Coupons/ Doubled To Free)
1 Pack Of Velocity Bic Pens ($1 Coupon/Doubled To Free)
1 Large Bag Of Pretzel M&M's ($1 Coupon/ Doubled To Free)
3 3-Packs Of Orbit Wintermint Gum (3-$1 Coupons/ Doubled To Free)
Over $35 In Freebies, Completely Free!!!!

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