Wednesday, July 15, 2015

The I Do Voxbox!


A Video of The Loot from The I Do Voxbox!
A Snack from Sahale Snacks---- Super Delicious Nuts and Fruits! Definitely recommend this yummy brand to your friends and family!

 A Skinnygirl Protein Bar---- Probably my least favorite thing in the Voxbox. It says this product has a retail value of $4.99, and it is not the best tasting bar out there in my own personal opinion. I have tried numerous other skinnygirl products and loved them, so I was disappointed in this one.
 A Covergirl outlast foundation, this seems to be a great product that I will be getting a lot of use of in the future. Haven't had a lot of time using it just yet, but have a feeling that I will be using it as a great foundation this upcoming wedding season.

Covergirl Outlast Lipstick was in the Voxbox as well. Love this shade since its not a dramatic color, but it's a noticable color! Love it!
Urgent RX Relief to go Ache and Pain aspirin packet. Definitely interested in trying this out. I've heard good things, love how easy it is to sneak this in a handbag or wallet, super thin yet the same dependability that a pill would have. 
 Love this stuff! My bottle was running low so I was thrilled that Influenster was sending us a bottle of this great handcream. This Neutrogena product works great anytime but I tend to use it a lot in the harsh winter weather Michigan has.

 Nanoblur High Definition Coverup Foundation! This stuff comes at a price of $19.99, but it is a nice little tube that would probably provide lots of applications since one small squeeze provides a whole coverage and application to my face. Love it, and can't wait to use it more in the near future.

 The Promo Card
 Descriptions of The Loot!
The Lovely Box Has Arrived!

 Would you look at all that loot?! Thanks Influenster and all the participating brands! 
Over $50 Worth of Product!~

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