Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Under $3.50 For Over $50 In Groceries!!!!

 I Got.... A Box Of Mac & Cheese 
And Tostitos Cheese Dip
Completely For Free W/ My Kroger Plus Card!
 I Got a box of Chewy Dips free w/ my Kroger Card &
3 bottles of Diet Coke for just $0.30 W/ Coupons (deposit)
 I got Clear Shampoo, Orville Pop Crunch & Colgate Toothpaste Free With my Kroger Card!
 With Coupons (Store & Manu) I got this Razor for just $1.30~!
 Using Coupons, I Got these Shave Gels for Free at Kroger!
 Using my Kroger Card, I got these products free- 1 hamburger helper, 1 Cheetos!
Using Coupons, I spent just $1.80 on these 2 products!

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