Saturday, April 20, 2013

I love Bath & Body Works Outlets!!! Amazing Deals! 90% off!!!!

After Using a $10 Giftcard (I got through survey points for free)  and a
$10 off $30 Survey Coupon (got for free on former receipt)
My Total was just $13.71, for over $137.27 in Original Retail!!!! Over 90% Off!
I love the Outlets!!!!

I Got....

4 Full Size Fragrances 
(Glitter Love Love Love, Mist Love Love Love, Sweet on Paris, Paris Nights)

3 Mini Fragrances
(Love Love Love x2, Sparkling Blackberry Woods)

2 Mini Lotions 
(Scent: Love Love Love x2)

4 Full Size Lotions 
(Love Love Love x2, Paris Amour & Sparkling Blackberry Woods)

If you're counting, that's 13 items for the low price off $13.71--- Original Retail would have been $137.27!!!

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