Sunday, March 17, 2013

Olay Fresh Effects (Influenster)

I received Fresh Effects complimentary from Influenster

Olay's Va-Va-Vivid system was the fourth item in my Sweetheart vox box, so naturally it will be the fourth and final item to be reviewed from my Vox Box that I got courtesy of Influenster and all the distributors that gave their products to us to be reviewed. 

I have always wanted a cleansing system but have always managed not to be able to scrape together the funds for the expensive systems. Now while I got this system completely free, it is a system that I would have been able to afford and would have purchased if I hadn't received it for free. This system retails for anywhere from $12-$15 and is available at pretty much any major retailer. I have linked above if you are interested in purchasing one for yourself. 

This system cleansed my face and was a great surprise at how well it did so. I was pleased with the results and I have raved about it to anyone who will listen so I definitely recommend this product to my readers and anyone who is looking for a system to cleanse their faces and t-zones. 

Just wanted to say thanks again for this great product. It was a great surprise to get this in my Sweetheart Vox Box and I was definitely pleased with how reasonable it is to own it if you have to purchase it yourself.

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