Thursday, July 5, 2012

I got over $105.00 Worth Of Music For FREE!

Combining Amazon Music Sales, Promos and free Amazon GCs I have received I got.... $104.35 in Free MP3 Songs!!! 
I Got....
 The Wanted-Soundtrack $0.99 Free W/GC Now $8.00
 Now That's What I Call The 80s $3.98 Free W/GC/Promo Now $7.99
 90s Rock $5.00 Free W/GC/Promo Now $8.99
 I Write Sins Not Tragedies Song $0.99 Free W/Promo
 Youth Of A Nation & Alive Songs $2.00 Free W/Promo
 Black Hole Sun $0.99 Free W/ Promo
 Blown Away Song $1.29 Free W/ Promo
 Can't Hardly Wait Soundtrack $2.99 Free W/Promo Now $10.00
 Drive Soundtrack $2.99 Free W/GCs now $13.00
 Fun's Some Nights $0.99 Free W/ GCs Now $8.00
 Gotye Making Mirrors $0.99 Free W/GCs Now $8.00
Mango Jerry's In The Summertime $0.25 Free W/Promo
 Katy Perry's Complete Confection $0.99 Free W/Promo $13.55 Now
 Lana Del Rey's Born To Die $0.99, $0.38 After Promo Free W/ GCs Now $7.00
 Ellie Goulding's Lights $0.99 Free W/ Promo Now $7.00
 100 Must Have Movie Classics $0.99 Free After Promo Now $2.99
 One Headlight Song $0.69 Free After GCs
 Rock Of Ages Soundtrack $2.99 Free After GCs $13.00 Now
 She's So High Song $1.29 Free W/Promo
 Skyscraper Song $0.99 Free W/Promo
 Summertime $0.25 Free W/GC
 Fast Car Song $0.99 Free W/Promo
 Give Me A Reason Song $0.99 Free W/Promos
Walking On Broken Glass Song $1.29 Free W/ Promo

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