Thursday, April 5, 2012

Love Kroger Spent $0.37 For $35.94 Worth Of Groceries

Love Kroger! Got $35.94 Worth Of Groceries for Just $0.37!
Plus I Got An FPC For Pop
3 Silk's
1 Kashi Steamer Meal
4 Bayer Baby Asprin's
1 Ocean Spray Craisins
1 Lays Chips
5 Different Yogurts


  1. Dropping by from the Blogs Doc of the Coppertone Moms group! I am also a member! What a cute blog and button! Visit me if you have time. Xo!~ Casey C i didnt see links to your twitter and fb on your sidebar? maybe i just missed them, but i did follow u via GFC! :) XO

  2. Thanks Casey! I appreciate the comments, glad to see someone from the group checking out my blog, I can't wait to see what we get in our packs! Our house LOVES Coppertone! I didn't link a FB page or Twitter just yet.