Friday, November 18, 2011

Mail for the past week....

Wednesday I Got.....
2 FPC For Kettle Chips
$3 Pinecone Check
Thursday I Got....
October's House Party PS3 Package
Everybody Dance Game
Over $60 Value!
Monday I Got.....
Jingle All The Way Blu Ray ($15 Value/Free W/ Amazon GC)
Target Order (Lip Balm/Free W/Coupon Code/Gift Card)
$2 Check From Survey Savvy
Bzz Agent Package Cookies & Coupons!
Monday I Also Got....
Stevia Party Package
Boxes Of Stevia
Tea Bags
Over $20 Worth Of Products!
Thursday I Went Krogering!!!!
I Got $21 Worth of Groceries for $1.98 (Paid .99 for each Orange Juice)
I Got.....
2 Bags of Kettle Chips $6 Value/Free
1 Bag of Ruffles $4 Value/Free
Deluxe Ice Cream $3 Value/Free
1 Box Of Cookies $3 Value/Free
2 Orange Juices $6 Value/$1.98 Paid

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