Saturday, July 23, 2011

Target Deals Over $30 In Freebies!!!!!

Over $20 In Product,
Completely Free With Coupons & Overages!!!!
I got.....
8 Packs Of Bic Pens (Original Value $4/ Free W/Coupons)
2 Papermate Pen Packs (Orig Value $2 Free W/Coupons)
2 (3-Packs) Of Tums (Original Value $3.82 Free W/Coupons .16 Overage)
4 Boxes Of Bandages (On Clearance $5.20 Total/Free W/Coupons .80 Overage)
4 Hydrogen Peroxides ($2.48 Total Free W/Coupons)
4 Diet Cokes ($5.96 Total Free W/Coupons)
My Total For Both Orders Was $2.62!!!
Original Value $13.25
Got 5 Room Essential Pillows (Original Value $13.25/$2.62 Total After Coupons)
Have to say, I am proud of myself, this wasn't even a planned trip!!!!

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