Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Freebie Shopping On My Birthday!!!!

Well, I Love to Shop so me & my mom went
out and about this morning for my birthday.....
Here are the freebies I scored!

Target Freebies
2 Boxes Of Bandages
(Strawberry Shortcake & Shrek Free W/ Coupon+ Netted an Overage)
2 Hot Wheels Cars
(Donating To Toys 4 Tots Free W/ Coupon)
$5.92 In Free Stuff!

PetSmart Freebies
4 Cans Of Innova (Free W/Coupons $9.16 Value)

Kroger Freebies
3 Boxes Of Toaster Scramblers (Free W/Coupons $8.67 Not Pictured...)

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