Friday, May 6, 2011

In Friday's Mail I Got
1 Free Product Coupon For Suave (Up To $3)
1 Free Product Coupon For Frito Lay (Up To $3.99)
Thursday I Got
In The Mail......
Boys And Girls Dvd ($6.80 Value) Free W/ Amazon Survey Payments

In Store.......
Free Chase Bank Pen
1 Free Uncle Ben's Rice ($2.00 Value)
Thursday I also cashed my Survey Payment Checks ($5)
and I got the following Free!!!
1 Glee Poster $2.49 (Originally $9.99)
1 The Notebook Poster $2.49 (Originally $11.99)
Normally this would have cost over $22 but I got it for just $5,
That's more than 75% off!

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